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Mattress test: The "Casper" creates an optimal lying feeling

Mattress test
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 9:22 AM

For some it is too hard, for others too soft - the feeling of lying on the mattress is crucial for a healthy and restful sleep. But how do consumers know which mattress to invest in? Why "Casper" stands out in the mattress test.

How can you recognize a good mattress?

The mattress market is booming. Many consumers find it difficult to choose a model. Because not every mattress is suitable for every body type. A small and light person often has different requirements for a mattress than a large and heavy one. And the individually preferred lying position must also be taken into account, such as the back, prone or side position. If the mattress is too hard or soft, or too short or narrow, the comfort of the person lying down at night is automatically restricted. The result: muscle tension and long-term postural damage - and inevitably a bad mood in the morning. In addition, it is worth paying attention to any harmful substances it may contain. Not only are these dangerous to young children, but they also affect the health of adults. In addition, they contribute to pollution of the environment when they are later disposed of.

A good mattress is usually worth the price. Long-term durability as well as easy washability of covers often make the decision easier. But whether a mattress actually delivers what it promises should always be tested first: "Stiftung Warentest" checks, among other things, cold foam mattresses. In a mattress test in September 2017, one mattress in particular was convincing.

Mattress test: "Casper" is comfortable, breathable and durable

The test included twenty mattresses from the "cold foam" category, which were tested for their lying properties and durability. Overall, the "Casper" mattress achieved the test result "Good" (2.3). The mattress has four layers and is made up of open-cell memory foam and springy latex. It offers seven out of eight body types good lying properties and convinced the experts with its above-average durability, which can be attributed to the integrated solid base foam. With the grade "Very good" (1.2), "Casper" received the highest rating for this test category.

Anyone who thinks that all foam mattresses would make sleepers sweat is wrong: "Casper" is breathable, conducts body heat and enables optimal air circulation. In this way, you can lie at a comfortable temperature and sleep dry. Should cleaning still be necessary, the cover can be removed quickly and cleaned easily. Furthermore, the contour cuts and the symmetrical zones ensure optimal pressure relief when lying down. The spine is optimally relieved due to the greater flexibility in the shoulder area and more strength in the hip area. This comfortable lying feeling has already convinced over half a million consumers worldwide.On the subject

Dream a hundred test nights on the bestseller

The up-and-coming start-up company Casper Sleep GmbH from New York has been selling its products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since summer 2016 - with great success. Their mattress, which is available in six sizes, became a bestseller in the USA as early as 2014. The "Casper" mattress was developed by an engineer trained by Stanford University and offers innovation in two layers.

In addition, the entire mattress, including all foams and textiles, is certified according to the highest standard, the "OEKO-TEX Standard 100". Therefore, the mattress is also ideal for allergy sufferers and children. Even celebrities from Hollywood's A-ranks are enthusiastic, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who invested in the product out of conviction. The US start-up is on the road to success and is now also marketing pillows, bed linen and dog beds.

If you order a "Casper", it will be delivered directly to your home by courier. It can then be tested for free for a hundred nights and returned if necessary. Returned mattresses will be donated to charitable organizations. But most owners don't want to miss their "Casper": "I had a triple herniated disc and had been looking for the right mattress for a long time. Now I've found it. I'm not giving Casper back," says customer Jana M. from Wachtberg. Customers generally have the option of zero percent financing from KLARNA, so that six to twelve month installments are possible. For more information and if you have any questions, Casper's reliable customer service is available Monday through Saturday by email, chat and telephone.

In the mattress test 09/17, the "Casper" mattress from the USA was evaluated, which is now also conquering the German bedroom. Their breathable cold foam material ensures a perfect lying comfort - with a ten-year guarantee.