What I mean the purpose of facial tightening

Facial Rejuvenation - You decide which wrinkles are yours and which are not

We are all getting older. With increasing age, some faces acquire a new expression that makes them appear more charismatic and mature - and that to them "certain something"confers. Unfortunately, it is much more often the case that natural skin aging and all other influences, such as your own Way of lifeor Exposure to sunlightcreate deep wrinkles that change your face in such a way that you no longer like it.

You don't have to live with that. It is more than legitimate to go through the natural aging process small aidsto stop. Most women crave one in old age fresh and wrinkle-free appearance. However, the problem that many see is deciding on the right wrinkle removal method.

Together we can find out what we can do about theirs preserve natural beautyand to lessen the signs of skin aging. In the following we explain the differences between skin rejuvenation Botulinum, hyaluronic acidand the classic Facelift.

How does skin aging come about?

Our skin also loses its weight with age Resiliencebecause their cells can produce less and less hyaluronic acid and collagen. The declining cell renewaland a persistent lack of moistureare generally to be regarded as the main reason that the elasticity of the skin continues to decrease. The older face is then mainly characterized by sagging skin, drooping upper eyelids, bags under the eyes and sagging cheeks.

And also the genetic predispositionand your own way of life have a significant impact on individual wrinkling. People with thin, dry skin often have wrinkles and large pores. In people with thicker and oily skin, the wrinkles usually appear much later. Also one pronounced facial expressionscan promote skin aging - for example, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and mouth in people who smile frequently.

If you take it seriously, then there are wrinkles small crease lines in the skin- like with heavily used leather. Here, too, they no longer come out completely if you smooth the leather or put it on regularly. The same goes for our facial wrinkles. The best therapy is therefore this timely prevention.

What are the options for facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation starts in a wide variety of places - tailored to the individual face type. According to the changed face structure, the face is built up and lifted in several dimensions with liquid fillers.

You have to take into account that with a facial rejuvenation the longing for a wrinkle-free and smoothly ironed face is by no means the first priority. Rather, a natural, younger and relaxed complexioncan be restored - without losing your own personality or facial expression.

For this purpose, we at uniqaesthetics offer minimally invasive methods for wrinkle treatment, in which one Facial rejuvenation even without surgeryis possible.

Botulinum for the treatment of the upper third of the face

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that is used to Elimination of expression linesis used. It is injected very specifically into specific areas, which relaxes the muscle and smoothes the wrinkle. The blocked muscles can become up to seven months after treatmentno longer contract as usual.

We use it to be effective Treatment of forehead lines, frown lines and laugh lines (crow's feet). The reliability and tolerance of botulinum has been proven countless times in aesthetic medicine. We at uniqaesthetics use this Botulinum Azzalure® from Galderma from Düsseldorf.

Hyaluronic acid for the treatment of the lower two thirds of the face

Dermal fillersare considered to be the best-known option for wrinkle injection. As part of this method, fillers are placed under the folds of the skin. The best known filler is hyaluronic acid. In particular the Cheek area and lipscan thereby be rebuilt. But also a chin correction and the compensation of nasolabial folds are not a problem with this method.

By choosing the right product and the optimal injection points, the ideal injection depth and a precisely matched amount and the use of the perfect technique, you can use hyaluronic acidvery natural, positive, younger and fresher looking results can be achieved - without any mask-like appearance. The hyaluron lasts about 9-12 months. Sometimes even up to 18 months. However, the treatment result can always go through further treatment stepsbe freshened up.

Both substances, botulinum and hyaluronic acid, are used in various wrinkle treatments and are difficult to compare with each other. However, both have one thing in common low stress on the patientduring and after the treatment - there are usually no or only mild bruises visible. Botulinum is particularly suitable for relaxing the facial muscles. But it doesn't have a cushioning effect - the “hyaluron filler” can do better. For an optimal result, one is usually recommended Combination of both treatment methods.

Other facial rejuvenation treatments

In addition to the minimally invasive methods with botulinum and hyaluronic acid, small surgical interventions can also contribute to plastic facial rejuvenation.

  • The faceliftis used as a procedure to remove excess skin from the face. The tissue on the face is tightened, the excess skin is removed and then sutured to the edges of the wound. Usually the middle part of the face and the neck are tightened as part of the facelift. The lifting is considered to be the main effect to to lift sunken cheeksand his jaw definitionreturn.
  • The bichectomyaims to to remove local fat pockets from the cheek area.
  • The eyelid lifthas a great effect as part of facial rejuvenation. The goal is a gentle operation with minimal scars and swelling - the result should look natural and fresh. When correcting the upper eyelid, the excess skin along the natural crease of the eyelidaway. The seam will run exactly along the fold and normally Almost invisibleonce it's healed. When correcting the lower eyelid, the seam lies directly on the lower edge of the eyelashes. AlsoBags under the eyescan be removed with this procedure.

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