What is the A5 paper size

DIN-A5 dimensions in cm - this size has the paper format


You will often come across the designation DIN-A5 as a size specification for pads or exercise books. However, it is not possible to draw any conclusions from the name alone about the dimensions of the paper format in centimeters. You can get an overview of the exact size of DIN-A5 here.

This is the size of a DIN A5 sheet in centimeters

The A5 format has a width of 14.8 and a height of 21.0 in centimeters. When buying A5 paper, the packaging usually does not indicate the size in centimeters, but in millimeters, which is stated as 148 mm x 210 mm. Even if DIN-A4 is the most common format, DIN-A5 format is also used in everyday life, especially for notepads, pads and vocabulary books.

These other formats besides DIN-A5 are available

The size for products in DIN-A5 is determined by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). The starting point for all standardized A-paper formats is the A0 format, which is also the largest format with a width of 84.1 cm and a length of 118.9 cm. To turn A0 paper into A5 paper, you simply have to fold it five times in the middle. In addition to A5 and A0, there are also these DIN A formats:
  1. Half the size of the DIN-A0 format is the DIN-A1 format, which is 59.4 cm wide and 84.0 cm long. The dimensions of the A2 and A3 formats are 42.0 x 59.4 cm and 29.7 x 42.0 cm, respectively.
  2. The most widespread paper format DIN-A4, on the other hand, has a size of 21.0x29.7cm.
  3. The formats DIN-A6 with 10.5x14.8 cm, DIN-A7 with 7.4 x10.5 cm and DIN-A8 with 5.2x7.4 cm are smaller than the DIN-A-5 format.

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