What's your favorite time killer

This adorable robot chicken turns my favorite time killer into a productivity game

A few weeks ago, I told you about my newly hatched obsession with the mobile game Egg Inc., a deceptively simple and creepily addicting temporary worker who requires lots of dumbbells to produce more chickens. More than a few of you picked up the habit, but one person went out of their way to create their own screen-tapping robot to save them the repetitive stress injuries (which I can attest, a real danger in this game is):

@vladsavov You made me play this egg game and now I've built a robot to play it for me https://t.co/i1ZyX9pYln

- Christine Sunu (@christinesunu) March 15, 2017

Christine Sunu put together some open source software and basic hardware components ... and then wrapped them in a sock that looks like a chicken. My heart was already swelling with happy feelings. Christine saw herself hacking towards a healthier lifestyle, but she not only automated the tapping of Egg Inc. - she made a whole new game out of it!

By synchronizing the Klopfbot with her activities on her computer, she made it so that new chickens would only spawn if she did something productive. Go to Reddit, she says, and there are no chickens for you. And no extra chickens mean you'll struggle to get out the trillion eggs it takes to reach the billions of dollars it takes to buy the late game upgrades.

Finally, a wonderful highlight: Christine has just launched her website for the hacking tutorial to act on International Women's Day exactly one week ago. On that day we wrote why it is important for girls to find role models in female scientists, and this also applies to female coders. The more the better, especially when they come up with such ingenious and straightforward hacks.

A week ago at #IWD I decided to finally create https://t.co/f6itNlJGAk, a page for tutorials on low barrier electronics! https://t.co/HvAlIVbauY

- Christine Sunu (@christinesunu) March 15, 2017

Christine, I greet you, congratulate you, and thank you for creating this smart chicken tapper.