Why do I have a big head

16 things you can only understand if you have a big head

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1. When trying to take off a top, you tend to get stuck.

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There is always that slight sense of panic that you may never escape.

2. And getting your head in a turtleneck sweater is a nightmare.

3. You have to close hats in the very last hole, otherwise you can forget them.

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4. If you try on any mask, it will inevitably happen.

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5. And every hat you own has to be this size.

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6. When a hat says one size fits all, you know it's a GODDAM LIE.

7. There never seems to be a helmet your size.

Why is everyone else's skull like this? small.

8. Each party hat and crown may only sit carefully on the back of your head.

9. And any fashion trend that involves your head, you can write off completely.

10. It feels like it takes twice as long to get your hair done.

11. Some glasses can barely withstand the pressure.

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12. Basically, every pair of sunglasses that you try on is just way too tight.

13. And headphones have long since given up in the fight against your skull.

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14. Headbands are no match for your head.

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15. Certain selfie angles make the problem worse.

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Because it only exacerbates the problem.

16. And of course your big head only really comes into its own in other people's pictures and your friends constantly refuse to erase them.