Who was Rhaegar Targaryen married to

Which of these characters has a more legitimate claim to the Iron Throne?

Bran told us exactly who the "legitimate heir" is ...

Aegon VII Targaryen

The line of succession always favors men and always favors children of the heir over siblings of the monarch.

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The order of succession is as follows:

  1. Aerys "The Mad King" - "current" monarch, has since passed away
  2. Rhaeghar - by right as the firstborn son of Aerys, has since passed away
  3. Aegon VI - by right as the firstborn son Rhaeghar, has since passed away
  4. Aegon VII (aka Jon Snow) - rightly as the second born son of Rhaegar, alive!

The female line does not come into play until all male heirs have passed away. This is the crux of Danaerys' assertion once her brother Viserys dies. However, Viserys' claim was only considered valid because there were no other heirs (Rhaeghar and his line).

That is why Rhaegar's repeal was so important. If Rhaegar had still been married to Elia Martell, Jon Snow would still have been a bastard (assuming all other parties were alive). Because of this, the Bran initial says Jon is not snow, but sand. The repeal makes Jon a truly born heir, transforming him from Jon Snow to Aegon VII Targaryen.


Small sticking point. I think Jon would be Aegon VI too, as his older half-brother Aegon never ascended to the throne. (So ​​stupid they gave the same name to two living brothers, I hope this is a reconnected thing of the show and not the idea of ​​GRRM).