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Details aboutPower supply unit / PSU Neumann M367

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Power supply for the stereo tube condenser microphone Neumann M367

The M367, which was built for the French market, is almost identical to the M269c, but it lacks the possibility of remote switching of the directional characteristics; these are switched on the microphone (cardioid, omnidirectional and figure eight) - the microphone also has a special French connection, also as a Sogie plug known.

The power pack provides the voltages required for the M367 (4V heating voltage, 120V operating voltage). The microphone is connected using the supplied 6 meter microphone cable with a 7-pin microphone coupling. The connection to a microphone preamplifier is made via a 3-pin XLR output plug - its ground contact (pin 1) can be separated from the ground with the ground lift switch in order to avoid hum loops.

The structure of our new power supply units is optimized for the longevity of the microphones, safe operation and low noise and hum of the microphone signal.
The power supply unit can be switched between two wide voltage ranges with a 230 / 115V switch, so that the microphones can be operated worldwide (and later sold). We have made sure that even in countries with only 100V mains voltage (Japan) and countries with 240V mains voltage (Cyprus) all microphone supply voltages remain exact and stable.
The power supply unit has a line filter to prevent high-frequency interference from the lighting network into the signal. We have also integrated surge and lightning protection, which, in combination with two primary fuses, protects the power supply unit and microphone from voltage shocks from the lighting network. The toroidal transformer is extremely low-scatter due to its construction principle and an additional mumetal shield. The transformer is secondarily protected against internal short circuits with a fuse for each supply voltage.

The operating voltages are stabilized and heavily filtered for a clean, interference-free audio signal. The heating voltage starts very slowly in approx. 30 seconds, the LED is red for so long and the anode voltage is off. After the 30 seconds, the anode voltage starts in approx. 5 seconds and the LED turns green. Capsules and tubes are optimally protected.

In order to protect the power supply against short circuits in the cable or microphone, we install a current limiter for each supply voltage - in the event of a short circuit, at least repairing the power supply is unnecessary. We use plugs with gold-plated connections for the audio connections, if available. This enables optimal contact to be established, and the inertia of gold prevents the contacts from corroding over decades.

Technical specifications
  • 115V / 230V changeover switch, thus usable worldwide - 115V mode: 90V-132V 230V mode: 198-253V
  • Mains frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Ground lift switch to avoid hum loops (standard: lifted)
  • High frequency line filter
  • Surge / lightning protection with 2 primary fuses
  • Toroidal transformer mumetal shield + 2 secondary fuses
  • Microphone voltages short-circuit proof
  • 30 seconds soft start of the heating voltage, all other operating voltages are off for this period
  • XLR output connector with gold-plated contacts from Neutrik
  • 6-pin Kleintuchel connector on the power pack and microphone cable from Binder with gold-plated contacts
  • 7-pin microphone coupling made by us with gold-plated contacts
  • Cable: 6m summer cable Octave Tube, a different length is possible on request
  • CE marking
  • Dimensions: 165 x 105 x 65mm
  • Weight: ~ 1.6kg
  • Paradox: The Schoeps M221f is pin compatible, but because of a different grounding it cannot be used with the M367 power supply. But the M367 can be used with our M221 power supply ....
  • a handle can be attached on request

Payment and L.delivery

  • Scope of delivery: power supply unit, 6m microphone cable, 1.8m power cable, invoice with 19% stated VAT.
  • You get a 5 year guarantee on the power supply unit and 3 years on the cable.
  • You will find the account details after the auction on Ebay. We prefer a bank transfer.
  • In exceptional cases, production can take up to 10 days - please write to us if it is urgent!

New power supplies

We developed new power supplies in 2014 to bring the new design and extensive functions under one roof. If you have an older power supply from us, you don't have to worry: The most important function for protecting the microphones - the soft start of the tube heating - was already integrated.


Powersupply for the tubecondensermicrophone Neumann M367

The M367 microphone was built for the french market and is similar to the M269c, it just does not have the possibility of polarpattern remote control - the patterns Omni, Cardoid and Figure Eight are switched directly at the mic. The mic has got a 7 pin special output plug, also called Sogie.

The power supply provides the necessary voltage of 4V for the tubefilament and 120V operation voltage. The microphone is connected via the included six meter (20ft) long microphone cable with a 7 pin microphone receptacle. It is connected to the microphone preamp via a 3 pin XLR connector whose groundpin (Pin1) is separable from ground with the ground lift switch to avoid ground loops.

The makeup of our new power supplies is optimized for the durability of the expensive microphone tubes and special noise and hum poverty of the microphone signal.

With the 230 / 115V switch the supply is usable (and sellable) all over the world. We placed a special focus on a wide voltage tolerance to keep all microphone voltages stable and exact in regions with voltage fluctuations and those with low or high voltages (e.g. 100V in Japan; 240V in Cyprus).

We integrated a netfilter, to keep high-frequent interferences out of the supply. Further we integrated an overvoltage / lightning protection, that safes the supply in combination with two primary fuses from voltage strikes from the powergrid. The toriodal power transformer is extremely poor in magnetic leakage due to its construction type and an additional mumetal shield. It is safed from internal short circuits with one fuse per supply voltage.

The microphone voltage are stabilized and strongly filtered for a clean and disturbance free audio signal. When turning on the supply the tubes filament voltage rises very slowly to protect the tubes from a high turning-on current. Think of light bulbs - these mostly break when turned on due to the cold, still low resistance filament. This effect is avoided in our supply with a soft start of 30 seconds. The operation indicator LED is red during the 30 seconds and the high operation voltage remains off. After this time the LED becomes green and the operation voltage starts within 5 seconds. This way the capsules and tubes are optimally protected.

To safe the supply from short circuits in the microphone or its cable we integrate a current limiter for every microphone voltage - in case of a short circuit at least a repair of the supply is avoided.

For the audio connectors we use connectors with gold plated contacts if available. Thereby an optimal audio connection is possible, besides the extremely low reactivity of gold avoids contact corrosion over decades.

  • input power switchable 100-120VAC / 220-240VAC - we test the supply stability down to 90V (e.g. in Japan 100V -10%) in 115V mode and up to 253V (230V + 10% and ~ 240V + 5%) in 230V mode

  • mains frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

  • groundliftswitch to avoid groundloops (standard: lifted)

  • high frequency mains filter

  • overvoltage / lightning protection with 2 primary fuses

  • toroidal powertransformer + secondary fuse

  • microphone voltages short circuit proof

  • 30 seconds filament soft start, all other voltages start delayed

  • Neutrik output XLR plugs with gold plated contacts

  • 6 pin small towel plugs at the supply and the microphone cable by binder with gold plated contacts

  • 7 pin microphone receptacle made by us with gold plated contacts

  • seemingly paradox: The Schoeps M221f is pin compatible, but due to a different grounding it cannot be used with this supply. But the M367 can be used with our M221f supply ....
  • cable: 6 meter (20ft) Sommercable Octave Tube - a different length is possible on request

  • CE label

  • psu measures: 165 x 105 x 65mm

  • weight: ~ 3 pounds

  • a handle is available on request

terms, shipping and charges

  • scope of delivery: PSU; 6m (20ft) microphone cable; 1.8m powercord (only to european countries - use a standard IEC cable for your country); invoice incl. 19% German VAT, if you don't need to pay VAT, order on our website or via e-mail.
  • You get 5 years warranty on the supply, 3 years on the cable.
  • find the account data at ebay after the buy, we prefer a bank transfer.
  • the production can take to 10 days when we are busy. Please write an email or call if it's urgent!

new supplies

In 2014 we have developed new power supplies to get the new design and the wide range of functions under one roof. Those who own an older power supply made by us don't need to worry: The most important function for protecting the microphones - the soft start of the tube filament - has already been integrated.