How did Italy have so many spices?

Which spices are perfect for potato soup?

Fiery and hot spices for the potato soup

There are people who claim Chili goes well with every dish. We at MEIN GENUSS cannot refute this statement. But on the contrary: Chilli flakes give your autumn soup that very special kick. Depending on how spicy you like it, you can simply add a handful of finely chopped ones fresh chilli pepper. The coconut milk as well as a touch ginger do not forget! Ginger is a highly aromatic tuber that is used as a spice in Asian cuisine. Besides, he is healthy and helps with colds, among other things.

This is how a Asian-German potato soup, which even alleviates illnesses caused by autumn. An incomparable duet! Of course, salt and pepper shouldn't be missing. You also use the latter more generously if you have one fiery variant prefer. The salt, however, is holding back a little. This is especially true if you are not vegan and use bacon for the soup, because it already has one high seasoning power. If you also use a lot of salt, there is a risk of over-seasoning and the aromas of the other spices and herbs will no longer come into their own. After all, the potato feast should not only consist of salt and pepper, but also one culinary highlight become.