What are some good scared BTS fanfics

Chapter 5

What felt like hours passed again that we sat brooding in the basement. I had barely touched the food, instead I tried to tamper with the tiny window and door, but no chance.
Luna had fallen back into her trance state, while Mina became more and more hysterical and ran into the bathroom without further ado. When the door to the basement opened, Jimin came in with a pack of water bottles and asked if everything was okay with us, which only got him a 'you're serious' look from me.
"Where did the third of you go?" He asked, looking around the room. "In the bathroom," I was answering when there was a clank from there. Startled, we looked up, even Luna stirred, and hurried to the bathroom door. "Mina?" I asked and opened the unlocked door when I heard her sobbing outside. My friend was sitting with tear-streaked face and bloody fingers in front of a pile of broken pieces that had once belonged to the mirror. She held her trembling hand a large, sharp-edged shard and was about to pull it over his forearm. Before I could even react, Jimin rushed past me and knocked the glass out of her hand.
Mina sobbed loudly and reached back into the pile of broken pieces, desperately trying to grab another piece. "Are you crazy?! What's that supposed to mean? ”The boy's voice was surprisingly startled and concerned.
"What's the point of my life if we can't get out of here?" She whimpered and was carried out of the bathroom by Jimin so that she was out of reach of the broken glass. As she sat on the couch crying, Jungkook and Suga came down too , wanted to see what kind of noise it was.

While Suga made his way back upstairs to get a first aid kit, I unobtrusively reached for a shard that was dragged out of the bathroom. But when I wanted to hide it in my sleeve I felt Jungkook's hand on my arm. "Don't even think about it." He said calmly and I hung my head and the shard fell again. But instead of taking his hand away, it stayed on my arm, which made me kind of nervous. Why was this touch so ... pleasant?
When Suga came back and looked at us crookedly, Jungkook apparently only noticed that he was still touching me and hurriedly took his hand away, looking a bit embarrassed.

Jimin immediately began to clean and bandage Mina's bleeding hands, which she just let out sobbing. "Don't do that again!" Came from him with genuine concern, while he looked closely at my girlfriend. This concern surprised me again. The brown-haired man had apparently caught his eye on Mina, I thought to myself.

"And what else should we do ?! Perish here until we get old and gray? No thanks, "I snapped and turned slightly away from the others." We actually wanted to think about something together, how we might be able to set you free again ... "Jungkook began, which is why I turned to him with wide eyes. He nodded and smiled shyly at me. Just as the black-haired man was about to continue talking, a cell phone rang in his pocket and he frowned at his colleagues for a moment, before he pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and answered the call with stiff movements. As he answered, he turned to the door and was about to leave the room while talking.

"What? ... But that should be our last job ... but ..." he opened the door and apparently struggled for words. You could tell that Jungkook was uncomfortable with this phone call and that he didn't like the person he was talking to, But this apparently fearful respect paid. Suga and Jimin had also stopped in their actions and watched the youngest tense.

"Really the last ...? Okay ... who? "Jungkook said with a sigh and listened in silence for a while." WHAT ?! " At the startled exclamation he stopped moving and froze in the door frame while we all winced. “But she didn't do anything! That will not do! We ... "Mine heard a roar," No more talking! You know what else happens! " while Jungkook held the cell phone away from his ear because of the volume, then only the sound of the phone ringing because the other person had hung up.

Slowly he lowered the hand with the prepaid cell phone and turned back to us, pale as a sheet. We just looked confused while a pale Jimin asked "Another job?" Jungkook nodded and Suga asked "Who?"

It took a few moments before the black-haired man answered, looking at me. His answer finally came in a shaky voice.

"Park Nami"


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