How can anyone know someone anywhere

Out for dates? Singles have to adjust to that now

In the early days of the lockdown, many people felt the same way as me: You sat at home as if paralyzed and couldn't believe what was happening. Not only that a previously unknown virus had become a pandemic. Also that one was suddenly told from above how to live, who to meet when and how. In all seriousness: I would not have expected that beyond puberty.

And so singles had to be content with staying at home alone for now. And of course, going through such a difficult time alone is definitely anything but sugar. No wonder, then, that the cables of the dating portals quickly came back to life.

Nevertheless, one has to say: Singles are no ignorant monsters who have fun over the safety of their fellow human beings. And so a lot can already be said about how different we have been dating since Corona.

What has changed since Corona?

What has definitely changed: The step from virtual contact, i.e. chat or phone call, to a date has suddenly become even bigger. Because, of course, the inhibition threshold is greater when it comes to meeting someone completely foreign, about whom you hardly know anything. And we don't know how he has done with social distancing in the last few weeks.

Nevertheless, it is also difficult to forbid people from wanting to get to know someone. Especially since the lockdown has already been relaxed and we can enjoy more social contacts again.

Because in the absolute lockdown times you couldn't even meet anywhere. In a bar? Had tight. In a club, a café, in the park or wherever: sometimes nothing went in that direction for a while. And many a single date ran aimlessly through the streets, just to be able to chat and get to know each other somehow and somewhere.

Fortunately, things are different now. But a few things have remained.

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Quarantine & chill: New times, new terms

The language learning app Babbel once had the fun of collecting all kinds of conceptual creations. Because social distancing and the Corona emergency have also left their mark on the language around dating.

Couples, for example, who moved in together during Corona even though they had previously lived apart, so to speak cuffing operated by engl. Cuffing: handcuffed. And "quarantine & chill " was popular as a variant of"Netflix & chill".

And it is the same with the singles: Instead of meeting live in the next bar, you had to get creative in lockdown times. One had dads, so a mixture of virtual and dates.Textlation chips made the rounds (i.e. the mixture text and relationship), because you suddenly had to get to know each other in long text messages and messages instead of "just meeting each other like that".

That all sounds funny and nice, but it also shows that you had to date differently during Corona and now than before. And so we come to the keyword slow dating.

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Slow dating trend

As a counterpart to speed dating, slow dating means that you consciously take your time with the first meeting. Instead, you check first in chats and phone calls to see what makes the other person tick and whether it fits or not. This is also shown by a survey by the dating portal LemonSwan.

For this purpose, users all over Germany were asked how they deal with the topic of dating in the current situation: Are dates currently an option for them? How do you keep your distance on the first date and when would you be ready to kiss your date? And only one in five says of themselves that they would meet like they did before Corona.

The majority of singles, despite the slow return to normal, are concerned with the question of how quickly one can return to old dating patterns. 75 percent of those questioned say that the current hygiene requirements and contact restrictions no longer stand in the way of a personal meeting.

Most singles understand what is and what isn't right now, and they stick to it. But every second also says that they have become more cautious when it comes to meeting someone. That means: first slow dating, i.e. intensive checking out via messages and chat, and only then a meeting.

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Singles now pay particular attention to this on a date

If you then meet someone, it is at least important that the other person ticks similarly when it comes to hygiene measures and caution due to Corona (said 62%). And for almost a third that means keeping your distance on the date. 13 percent even wear face masks when they meet and would like the other person to do the same.

And what if it sparked? Do you suddenly stop kissing because you are afraid of being infected? After all, more than a third of those surveyed (39 percent) hold back from touching and kissing at first. They also make it dependent on how well you've met online before the date or over the phone. And for a third, the first kiss is not due until the third date anyway.

Despite slow dating and textlation chips, it is clear that if you exercise a little caution, you can go in search of your dream person even in these not entirely normal times. So: stay healthy and fall in love, but slowly.