I could write an app in C ++

Programming the iOS app

Xcode is also very beginner-friendly and, compared to Android Studio from Google, is much clearer and more intuitive, as is usual for Apple, usability and design play a major role. Xcode also offers many "Modular functions", whereby even bloody programming beginners can quickly and easily integrate certain functions into their app. These modular functions are elements that you can add to your app via Drag and drop can add. The required code is written by the program itself and does not have to be written manually by the programmer. With this function, the interface of your app can be created without programming, without having to forego individuality. Xcode also provides ready-made templates for creating your app. There are templates for game apps, augmented reality apps, single view apps, page-based apps and many more. Even a template for a messenger app is freely available. Furthermore, already programmed code can be used with the Simulator in Xcode can be tested directly, so bugs can be detected and removed. You can also have your app simulated on different iPhones and thus check whether the app is displayed correctly on different hardware. If you run into programming problems despite the tools in Xcode, you will surely find help on the Apple Development Page. There, Apple provides you with numerous tutorials on programming with Swift. The programming of basic elements of an app is clearly and easily explained step by step with pictures and videos. There you will also find out how you can use the great advantage of native development - the easy connection of different Programming interfaces (APIs). This creates many opportunities for new functions and applications, because native apps can access the hardware and software of the device. This means that GPS, sensors, microphones, cameras and the like can be accessed, which can be essential for your app. For example, what would Instagram or Snapchat be without access to the functions of the camera?

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Release of your native iOS app

Apps are often programmed for commercial reasons, which is why the goal is usually to generate as many downloads and thus users as possible for the app. This also increases the chance of achieving the highest possible sales with the app. In order for you to succeed in this, you must have your iOS app in Apple App Store publish. Like the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store is an official app register from which your app can be downloaded. In order to publish your app there, you have to register as a Apple developer to register. You can register on the English-language Apple Developer website, where you can find it under the "Enroll" button. When registering as an Apple developer, you must also provide your credit card details, because the developer license costs in Germany 79 euros annually. After registration, you can test your app on your real iPhone and check its functionality.

Before your app can appear in the Apple Store, it must first be checked and approved by Apple. For this you need your Send the iOS app to Apple. This is done via the portal iTunes Connect. Apple then tests your app for security, performance, content, stability and compliance with the license terms. When programming, make sure that you adhere to all guidelines prescribed by Apple. According to Apple, your app will be checked and approved or rejected within a week. From experience, however, the waiting time is usually several weeks. If your app is approved, it will then be available for download from the Apple Store. If your app is rejected, Apple will inform you about corrections that need to be made so that your app can be released. Often, Apple apps are definitely and finally not approved if there are already competing products from Apple. Many iOS programmers speak of Apple being censored. A safe reason for rejection is the possibility of in-app purchases that are not made via an Apple account. Because Apple wants to earn money from the transactions, which also applies to subscription models in apps. So, right from the start of programming, you should think about how you will design your app and whether there will be any demand for your app on the market.

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Programming an iOS app on Windows

Even without purchasing an Apple computer, there is an alternative to programming that allows the development of iOS apps on Windows or Android, but at the same time violates Apple's end-user license agreement (EULA). This states that the use of the MacOS operating system is only permitted on Apple hardware.

For this, a virtual user interface must be created on the respective device, which enables iOS apps to be programmed despite the other Windows operating system. An example of that virtual user interface is VirtualBox. Once you have downloaded such software from the Internet, you can start setting up and installing the MacOS operating system. Once this is done, the XCode app can now be installed, with which you will develop your app for the App Store. This requires both a valid Apple ID and experience in the Swift programming language or alternative programming languages ​​on your part.

Programming a hybrid app for iOS AND Android / Windows?

As already explained, for programming a iOS app on the MacOS operating system and the associated Development softwareXCode not be waived. Mastery of a programming language (Swift, C ++, Java, etc.) is also necessary. Now, however, the question arises whether, after the already high effort before programming, there is an app for, for example iOS and Programming Android / Windows so that the effort could be compensated by a higher target group. In case of doubt, more potential customers also means higher potential sales.

At this point it can be said that an app can be programmed for two operating systems. The programming of a so-called "Hybrid app" should be taken into account, however, as the compatibility suffers and the programmed application could lose its functionality. So can from a hoped for higher range a non-functioning app with a short range emerges. So it is important to proceed with caution here.

In order to guarantee the compatibility and functionality of the app with the different operating systems of the users, two separate software must be programmed, whereby the development of the second application will not be free either.

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With Xcode, Apple provides very beginner-friendly software free of charge. With the software development kit, the first steps in app development can be taken quickly and the first results can be checked with an internal software simulator. What is a problem for many: Xcode can only be installed on macOS, which makes an Apple computer essential for programming an iOS app. Although the macOS operating system can also be installed on computers from other providers, this is actually prohibited by Apple's EULA. The purchase of an Apple computer is therefore often a financial hurdle for entrepreneurs, which is why the programming of native iOS apps is often outsourced to professional app agencies. They have the necessary know-how and the technical capacities to create your app in the best possible way. Years of experience have made it easier for an agency to orientate themselves to the Apple guidelines and thus you can be sure that your app will be published in the Apple App Store. So it makes perfect sense to have your app programmed by an agency. In order for your app project not to fail, you have to have your app from the right App agency let develop. Our experts at itPortal24 will help you with the selection. With our many years of experience in developing apps, we will find the right agency specifically for your project.

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