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iPhone 11 Pro: is it still worth buying?

The iPhone 11 was the last to which Apple added EarPods and a power supply unit, the iPhone 12 the first with full compatibility for the new MagSafe accessories. Those aren't the only differences. We compare the iPhone 11 Pro with the iPhone 12 Pro in terms of price and performance and have alternatives ready.

Hardware differences in the camera

Apple is bringing the iPhone 12 with an iPhone Mini in four sizes for the first time. We are particularly interested in the iPhone 12 Pro as the direct successor to the iPhone 11 Pro.

With the generation change, Apple is increasing the display diagonal from 5.8 to 6.1 inches for the first time since the iPhone X. The resolution increases only slightly, so that the resulting pixel density and sharpness of the display remain roughly the same.

The innovations in the camera are bigger, especially if you take a closer look at photography. As speculated in advance, Apple has added the LiDAR scanner to the iPhone 12 Pro, which we already know from this year's iPad Pro. LiDAR stands for "light detection and ranging" and provides depth information. This can not only be used for AR applications: In weak light, they accelerate focusing and improve the quality of portraits in night mode.

A second innovation is the Apple ProRAW technology for images in RAW format and their processing, but only from the iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Mini, the normal iPhone 12 and other iPhones with at least iOS 10 as well as the iPhone 11 Pro also support the RAW format; But here you have to use third-party apps such as Halide.

In terms of focal length and light sensitivity of the three lenses, the iPhone 12 Pro is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro. Incidentally, the triple camera is also an argument for the iPhone 11 Pro compared to older generations such as the iPhone X and iPhone Xs, both of which did not yet have an ultra-wide angle. The front camera had a resolution of 7 MP on earlier iPhones, and 12 MP since the iPhone 11.

However, video calls via FaceTime will only be transmitted in HD (1080p) by the new iPhones in the future, both via WiFi and the new 5G cellular standard. The iPhone 11 Pro doesn't know that yet; however, it will still take some time before 5G can be used across the board.

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Software - New translator app for live conversations

In terms of software, the new iPhone doesn't change too much, because the iPhone 11 Pro will also get the latest iOS 14 and probably at least the updates for the next three years.

For the first time since iOS 14, a translator with conversation mode has been part of the standard app portfolio on the iPhone, which enables bidirectional live translations during a conversation. Other applications that Apple preinstalled on the iPhone include Apple's Maps app, and entertainment apps such as Apple Podcasts and Books. In contrast to Android smartphones, eBooks, audio books and music cannot simply be transferred to the smartphone via cable or Bluetooth. Apple syncs them with the iPhone via libraries on the Mac or Windows PC. In addition, Apple offers its Office apps Pages, Numbers and Keynote and the film editing software iMovie not only for the iPad but also for the iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro: price history

The iPhone 11 Pro is available in three memory versions of 64 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. In this range, both the photographer, for whom the memory cannot be big enough, as well as those who can save a few euros on the memory, will find what they are looking for.

At Apple itself, the iPhone 11 Pro has not been available since the successor was released. Before that, the cheapest variant cost 1,149 euros, the medium storage variant (128 GB) 1,319 euros, the iPhone 11 Pro with 256 GB cost 1,549 euros.

After the successor was launched, the small storage variant was in the free trade in a nosedive. Regardless of the color, the price fell to around 800 euros and is still falling. The 256 GB iPhone 11 Pro costs between 950 and 980 euros, and the 512 GB iPhone 11 Pro costs between 1,050 and 1,150 euros. There are always cheaper offers for all models.

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iPhone 11 Pro: alternatives

In the case of Android smartphones, the price decline is usually faster. You also benefit from this with the following two smartphones, which are recommended as alternatives:

Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei is still one of the few manufacturers who can hold a candle to Apple when it comes to cameras.

The four lenses, including an ultra-wide angle and a five-fold telephoto, deliver outstanding image quality; the P40 Pro records videos at 4K like the iPhone 11 Pro at 60 fps. If 256 GB is not enough for the recordings, the memory of the Chinese smartphone can be expanded.

Huawei is also equipping the entire P40 series with 5G, making it future-proof. At the market launch in spring 2020, the P40 Pro scratched the 1,000 euro mark. The P40 Pro is currently available online for less than 640 euros.

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OnePlus 8

OnePlus' smartphones are also enjoying continued popularity. Their designers are known for always putting the latest technology into their top model. And so the still young Oneplus 8 is well equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865, either 8 or 12 GB of RAM and Wi-Fi 6. The 90 Hz display is a feast for the eyes. Unlike the iPhone 11 Pro, the Oneplus 8 is already 5G-capable.

Shortly before the market launch of the OnePlus 8T, the Oneplus 8 was available in the manufacturer's online shop for around 100 euros below the original price. With third-party providers, however, it has long been possible to save even more: the smaller version with 128 GB of memory is now available in some cases for less than 500 euros and the successor Oneplus 8T is sometimes available for less than 600.

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In the connect leaderboard, the iPhone 11 Pro has already been overtaken by many androids. Especially with a view to the camera, there are good and cheap offers in the Android warehouse. As an alternative to the iPhone 12 Pro, for which Apple estimates more than 1,100 euros, the iPhone 11 Pro is a good choice if you can still do without 5G. Compared to generations even further back, the 11 Pro's camera with its ultra-wide angle and higher-resolution selfie cam has visible advantages.

Those who want to get more out of their photos and videos will have a harder time deciding between the current iPhone and its predecessor. Perhaps it helps here that Apple has doubled the smallest memory configuration without changing the price: the iPhone 12 Pro with 128 GB costs 1,149 euros no more than the iPhone 11 Pro with 64 GB a year ago. The prices for the larger configuration, 256 or 512 GB, are now around 50 euros below those of the previous year.