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Star Wars: 15 things that happened between episodes 4 and 5

Disney is currently closing through the Star Wars story- Offsets the gap between the original films and the prequels. Either Rogue One as well as solo are before A new hope and fill a vacuum that lasts twenty years between the trilogies.

But what happens between each episode? For example, how does the Emperor react to Vader's failures? How does the Sith find out Luke is his son? Why does the budding Jedi never visit the temple on Coruscant?

There is no place for many stories in the well-known scrolling text at the beginning of a new adventure. So we'll tell you what between Episode 4 and 5 happens.

# 15: The first fight between Luke & Vader

Luke, Han and Leia as well as the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO infiltrated the Imperial weapons factory on the planet Cymoon 1. The aim was to destroy the same. The Arrival of Darth Vader nearly failed this plan.

When Luke ran into him there by chance, he was filled with anger. After all, Vader had killed not only Obi-Wan but his father Anakin as well. But the dark lord had only ridicule for the budding Jedi, who didn't even know how to hold the lightsaber properly.

The following duel was Inferior to Luke, of course. But when Vader recognized the other's lightsaber, which once belonged to him, he hesitated. At that moment, Han was just able to prevent Luke's certain death by the Sith with a stolen AT-AT.

# 14: Darth Vader negotiated with Jabba the Hutt

The destruction of the first Death Star left the Empire battered. In search of resources, it turned to Jabba the Hutt. But Darth Vader also had a personal concern: He wanted to hunt down the pilot who had destroyed the super weapon.

For this reason, the Sith Lord visited Jabba a day before the official negotiations. He asked for two of his best Bounty hunter. When the Hutte refused, Vader knew how to convince him with his famous power stranglehold.

He returned the next day to negotiate on behalf of the Empire. In doing so, he had a lot Stormtrooper included that weren't really necessary. Jabba gave the Empire everything it asked for.

# 13: Han pretended to work for Jabba to help the rebellion

Even before Vader's visit to Tatooine, the Empire had tried to get one Deal with Jabba complete. However, the rebellion prevented that. The key figure in this action was Han Solo.

This gave up in the arms factory Cymoon 1 as a representative of the Hutten. This enabled him to infiltrate the base, ultimately destroying it from within. This plan was almost thwarted when Darth Vader also visited the planet.

Nonetheless, this was it risky approach a clear sign from Han that the rebellion can rely on him. After all, he used his real name - even though Jabba had put a bounty on him.

# 12: Palpatine made Vader believe he wanted to replace him

Darth Vader had to A new hope some failure to show. For one thing, he could not prevent the destruction of the Death Star. On the other hand, this had only perished because he could not get the blueprints into his possession.

Because of this, the Emperor made him feel the consequences. Vader had to submit to General Tagge, one of the few survivors on the General Staff. In addition, Palpatine had Dr. Cylo - one of the scientists who saved Vader's life after the events on Mustafar - one of his cybernetic enhanced subjects as new right hand to install.

In the end, Vader was able to overcome all obstacles. This enabled him to own his Strengthen your positionwhich is why he is at the time of The Empire Strikes Back is at the height of its power.

# 11: Luke discovered Obi-Wan's diary on Tatooine

With Obi-Wan Kenobi's death and no instructions from Master Yoda, Luke lacked a clear guideline. He returned in search of answers Tatooine back. There he found Ben Kenobi's diaries at home.

However, he was from Boba Fett tracked. This had been commissioned by Jabba on instructions from Darth Vader to take down the destroyer of the Death Star. Luke just managed to escape.

However, the diaries gave the budding Jedi not only new insights into the Force, but also into the Obi-Wan's emotional world.

# 10: Luke wanted to visit the Jedi Temple on Coruscant

To learn more about the Jedi and the Force, Luke tried the Temple on Coruscant to reach. However, this was not only in the capital of the empire. The Emperor had also converted it into his own palace.

For this reason, the young Skywalker tried to get help on Nar Shaddaa - the "Smuggler's Moon". But the plan failed and he fell Grakkus the Hutt in the hands. The crime lord was known as a collector of Relics of Power and the Jedi.

# 9: Luke had to fight for his life as a gladiator

Grakkus forced Luke to do it with the Force Jedi holocron to open. When he was able to make more of the relics available, the villain realized that it really was the last Jedi.

So the Hutt forced Luke to fight a gladiator fight in an arena. His opponent was Congo, a beast from the mines of Mustafar. Lightsaber-resistant armor was used to ensure that Luke would definitely lose the fight.

# 8: Leia, Han & Chewbacca fought with lightsabers

Luke Skywalker was discovered by on his trip to Smuggler's Moon R2-D2 accompanied. It was also the loyal droid who alerted his friends after the failed mission. Leia, Han and Chewbacca then met Nar Shaddaa to free the budding Jedi.

They used lightsabers from Grakkus' collection to escape the arena. So Leia used that "elegant weapon from more civilized days" even before she knew she was in power. The rescue operation also shows that this was not the first time Han had a lightsaber in his hands on Hoth.

# 7: Chewbacca tried to kill Darth Vader

When Vader's arrival on Cymoon 1, Chewbacca was in an elevated position that gave him a clear line of fire on the Sith Lord made possible. Han tried to stop him, but Leia disagreed.

The still fresh memories of the destruction of their home planet Alderaan in her head, the princess wanted Vader's death. Because of this, she ordered Chewie to shoot. However, his target noticed the attempted murder.

The Sith blocked the first shot with his lightsaber and the others with one human shield, consisting of stormtroopers. He then collapsed the building from which the attack came. The Wookie barely escaped.

# 6: Darth Vader raised an army of droids

Darth Vader needed one in the fight against Cylo and his cybernetic enhanced subjects Private army. To do this, he returned to the planet Geonosis, which he had already visited as Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars.

The blueprints for the first Death Star were also made on the planet. To protect this, the Empire had Geonosis and its inhabitants wiped out. However, one queen survived the attack.

She had merged with the local droid factory to breed an army of droid herself. Vader used his lightsaber to separate them from the system and to be able to build robots himself. The resulting army stood with him Fight against cylo loyal to the side.

# 5: Leia rescued refugees from Alderaan

After the destruction of Alderaan, many survivors were left without a home. The few who weren't on the planet and were able to escape were hunted by the Empire. Alderaan should completely wiped out become.

Leia and Nien Nunb however, managed to smuggle some of them out of reach of the Empire. The princess found a new home for the refugees and thus kept a piece of her old home alive.

# 4: Leia met Han Solo's "wife"

Han Solo and Sana Starros planned a large-scale theft in revenge against a crime boss. As part of the fraud, the two entered into a marriage of convenience. The plan went wrong, however, and Solo fled and took his partner's share for himself.

She was angry and pursued the pilot. By the time she finally found him, another woman was with him. Sana realized that it was Princess Leia and wanted her Surrender to the Empireto collect the bounty.

Han made it clear to her, however, that the Empire would kill them all. So it would not be possible for Sana to hand him over to Jabba and to receive the reward promised. Starros eventually joined the rebels and admitted never really married to have.

# 3: Luke, Leia, and Han met surviving members of Saw Gerrera's rebel militia on Jedha

The Death Star destroyed Jedha City, but the rest of the planet was spared. So could some supporters Saw Gerreras survive - among them their new leader, Benthic "Two Tubes".

Leia, Luke and Han tried to convince them to join the rebels. However, the militia were still not convinced and refused. They still had to band together briefly to fight incoming Imperial forces, the remaining ones Kyber crystals wanted to get hold of.

That's how Luke found out about Jyn Erso and their contribution to the destruction of the Death Star. Due to the special position of the planet Jedha, he also learned more about the Jedi, the power and himself.

# 2: Darth Vader worked with an archaeologist

To get the resources that should bring him back to the Emperor's side, Darth Vader worked with the seedy one Archaeologist Dr. Aphra together. Aphra also helped him complete the droid army at the factory on Geonosis.

With her expertise she supported the Sith Lord many more times. She obtained Vader Credits, manipulated Dr. Cylo's inventory and help him find Luke Skywalker. Alpha eventually stumbled into one Fall of the rebelswhich is why the Dark Lord dropped her.

# 1: Boba Fett revealed to Darth Vader that Luke is his son

Luke barely escaped Boba Fett on Tatooine. However, the bounty hunter brought that Name of the young Skywalker in experience. He delivered this information to Darth Vader.

The Sith Lord realized that he a son owned - and that this was exactly the ominous rebel pilot he was looking for. It was for this reason that he had owned Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber on Cymoon 1.

Boba Fett himself was unaware of the importance of this message. But it was the basis for one of the most important moments in The Empire Strikes Back. And one of the most historic movie moments of all time.

All of these stories are part of the Starwars-Canon and can be found in numerous comics and novels. Maybe Disney will incorporate elements of it into one of the upcoming cinema adventures?

Some characters, such as Hans "wife" Sana Starros, could see us as early as May 24, 2018 in the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story to encounter. Rumors are also anticipating appearances from Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt.

Allegedly, Disney is preparing for one after a disturbing production "Disaster in the cinema" in front. Starwars-By the way, creator George Lucas was a bit of a guest director.


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