Is flag burning legal in your country?

Burning foreign flags should be banned in Germany

Berlin - According to a report, the German coalition groups want to criminalize the burning of foreign flags in general. "Anyone who publicly destroys or damages the flag of a foreign state should be punished with a fine or imprisonment for up to two years," reported the "taz" (Monday edition), citing a request from the parliamentary groups of the Union (CDU / CSU) and SPD.

So far, according to Paragraph 104 of the German Criminal Code, it is only a criminal offense if a "flag of a foreign state that is publicly displayed on the basis of legal provisions or according to recognized custom" is damaged or destroyed. So this is only about cases of official flagging.

The contempt for European symbols is also punished

According to the newspaper report, the background to the intended tightening are incidents in which Israeli flags were set on fire during demonstrations. The coalition factions do not want to enforce the change in criminal law with their own draft law, but rather as an amendment to a draft law from the Federal Council, which is supposed to better protect European symbols from disparagement.

The Bundestag will debate this proposal from the Chamber of States for the first time on Wednesday. Accordingly, the public disdain for the European flag or anthem is to be punished with up to three years imprisonment or a fine. Removing, destroying, damaging or obscuring a publicly displayed European flag should also become a criminal offense. (APA / AFP, January 12, 2020)