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12 trend sports for your summer 2020

Trend sports in 2020 are probably face mask volleyball or corona grumbling. If that's too dreary for you, you can find out about real trend sports here.Whether in Düsseldorf in the parks, in bouldering halls in Duisburg and Dortmund or at padel in Essen. We introduce them to you and we came across some curiosities.

Trend sports 2020


Spikeball is most similar to beach volleyball. However, there is no network here that you have to use to make the rounds. Instead, a kind of trampoline is used, on which the ball is hit to change possession. In two against two you compete against each other and throw the spikeball around your ears. For this you always have three ball contacts per team and like in volleyball, the contacts have to happen alternately. But be careful: you definitely shouldn't be tired of exercise, because there are no limits. If you manage to bounce the ball 20 meters from the net, the other team must also go there and try to get the ball back onto the net in three contacts. If she doesn't make it, there is a point. The great thing about Spikeball is that you can play it anywhere with the set. In the park, in the hall, on the beach - just look for a place with a lot of space and let yourself go!


Okay, a slackline on the beach or in the park is no longer that exotic either. Nevertheless, the trend is spreading and reaching NRW so much that there is now even a slackline festival in Schwerte. The principle is super simple. A long cord is stretched. And then you try to get from one end to the other. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Is not it! The legs tremble at the beginning without end, the muscles - no matter how small they are - become noticeable and your sense of balance wavers. If you can manage 1-2 steps on the first day of trying, that's a great success! If you are a full professional at some point, you no longer have to be content with the simple run from A to B. At the German championships, daring jumps and flaps are shown on the line, which make even the best acrobats green with envy and which make you breathless.


Attention: In summer 2020 everything will be a little different in bouldering halls. Find out more from the provider, in most cases you can still boulder with previously reserved spaces.

Climbing halls have existed in Germany for decades. And there is hardly a sport that is better suited to steeling your body and defining your muscles. But like everything, climbing also needs further development. More thrills, new challenges. This is what unites bouldering. Because here the annoying safety rope is simply left out and you are completely dependent on yourself. Only your own skill and muscle strength protect you from falling. Don't worry, a deep fall with bad consequences is not possible, the boulder walls are usually only 2 to 3 meters high. So if you can't make the wall, if the one ledge was still too difficult, that's no problem at all. Let your muscles rest for a moment, then try again. Progress can be seen quickly, so that even athletes with little tolerance for frustration can maintain their motivation.
Bouldering halls: Düsseldorf Monkeyspot and Superblock, Duisburg Einstein, Essen Citymonkey, Bochum neolit, Dortmund Glücksgriff.


Break in school, out in the school yard, the urge to move is great. Table tennis and soccer were often the most popular sports in the past to let a little bit of energy out of the body. So why not just combine both? What started out as a children's game is now a real sport with world championships. The neck muscles are happy. And the setting is so simple, just a soccer ball and a table tennis table. Therefore, Headis can be played in any city. The rules are also super simple. The game is played with the head, after every ball contact the ground must be touched at least once, full contact with the plate is allowed and sometimes necessary, as is a volleyball headed ball.

Bossa ball

Volleyball, gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline jumping - all of this combines the Bossaball, which is still largely unknown in Germany. You play against each other in 4 against 4. One person hops on a trampoline, the other three move around it and, like in volleyball, play the ball by digging or planking to the attacking player. He has to find the right timing to coordinate his jump on the trampoline with the pass. If all of this works out, a ball from a height that is second to none is possible. To try it out, however, you have to go to the neighboring countries of Belgium or the Netherlands.


Away from the ball, towards water sports! Skimboarding combines surfing and skateboarding. Thanks to an aquaplaning effect, after a short run you slide your board over the shallow water and can show the craziest tricks on a ramp. More is possible here than just a kickflip. The capital of skimboarding in Germany is Mülheim an der Ruhr. There is a skimboard facility in the Mülheim Styrum natural swimming pool, where you can try it out inexpensively.


Is jogging your sport? If you like to walk through nature in your city anyway and want to do something for the environment at the same time, then give plogging a try. That connects “plocka” (Swedish to clean up, to pick) with jogging. So while you're running, you clean up the park by putting the trash in a trash bag. The trend has come to Germany from Scandinavia and could become the summer hit here in 2019. All you need is your normal workout outfit, a garbage bag and ideally gloves for hygiene.


As the name suggests. It is actually supposed to be crawled here. The big crawling demands the abdominal and back muscles in particular, it should also have an impact on the nervous system and thus promote concentration, coordination and memory. Still, it's a bit strange when adults crawl through the city on all fours. Will this really take hold outside of a few seconds of a workout at home?

Jumping fitness

And again it's about jumping. Jumping Fitness is an extremely strenuous but also effective way of burning calories. It's like a dance class with a lead dancer. However, here everything happens on a trampoline. Abs, legs, buttocks, a total of over 400 muscles are trained. Aerobic movements and moves from weight training are used. Pure fat burning and therefore already in various fitness studios in the course offer for beginners and advanced users.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee has been around for a while, but the number of men and women playing is still increasing. Just like the number of clubs. Because playing alone or just with your friends will be difficult. Two teams of seven players each compete against each other. There are out zones at the ends of the field, similar to American football. You have to make it there with the Frisbee and catch it in the end zone. But the whole thing only by passing. Because walking with the target in hand is not allowed. There are clubs in almost every city.


The field looks the same as in beach volleyball. The mode 2 versus 2 is also the same. The big difference: the hands and arms must not be used. Footballers get their money's worth with footvolley. However, only those who can demonstrate the appropriate technique on the ball. Because otherwise it will be very difficult. With three contacts each, one team has to push the ball over the 2.2 meter high net, then it's the turn of the next. The sport is spectacular, there are overhead kicks and acrobatic jumps every second. Sure you can play footvolley on any normal volleyball court, but know your limits. It is better to try it out in the clubs first. There are those in the west in Krefeld, Cologne, Mülheim and Wuppertal.


If squash is still not fast enough, you will feel right at home on the padel court. It's about reaction speed and points in two against two in a mixture of squash and tennis. The clubs are particularly short. Which takes some getting used to. But progress is made quickly. And the fact that there are walls around the court that do not mean an end makes the game that much faster. There are several ways to try out padel in Cologne. You can also try it out in Essen and the German Padel Association is based in Duisburg.