Can i eat dog food

Finished feed? Have you cooked something yourself? Raw meat? | This is what healthy looks like
Feed (Not ) out!

Commercially available ready-made feed? Dry or can? Vegetarian? Only self-cooked food or just BARF? The only true way to feed dogs in a species-appropriate and healthy way, does it even exist?

The content of the dog bowl is an inexhaustible topic of conversation among dog owners ...

It's not that difficult at all!

✔︎ No dog should always eat the same thing for life. A regular change of the ready-made feed, for example, helps with a balanced diet.

✔︎ In addition: It is always good if an animal does not get used to a special type of food and does not eat anything else. What else do you do when it is no longer available or when you are traveling with your dog?

✔︎ Tip: You can also provide variety yourself. Rice, potatoes, vegetables such as carrots or corn plus low-fat quark or boiled are a tasty dog ​​meal and are quick to make.

✔︎ Does your dog like to eat fruit? Then he is happy about a chopped apple, for example. in normal feed. It is best to pay attention to his preferences when making additions.

✔︎ In addition to really dangerous things like onions, garlic, chocolate, pork and poultry bones, what you shouldn't feed are spicy leftover food. The dog's metabolism is not prepared for this.

Tip: many dog ​​owners add small amounts of high-quality vegetable oils to their usual food for healthy joints and a shiny coat. Just try it out with your dog!

If you follow these principles, you won't be wrong with your dog's diet.

Here are some persistent myths about the dog plate and what it is.

Six myths about dog food

1. Salt is used as a flavor enhancer in dog food

►Salt (sodium chloride) is not something dogs find tasty. For this reason alone, dry food contains exactly the amount of salt that the dog needs to meet its needs.

2. Mixed feeding is just money-making

► Not at all! Even though dry food and wet food can both be fed alone, both have their raison d'etre and clear advantages.

Ideally, you should offer the wet food in the morning and evening when you are at home - it contains less energy per 100g than dry food. Dry food helps with teeth cleaning and has a more pleasant smell - therefore it can also be easily taken with you on trips or can sometimes remain in the food bowl for a longer period of time.

3. Homemade food is better than instant food

►Many people think that homemade food is healthier because it is fresher and less processed. It is extremely difficult to prepare food yourself in such a way that it actually meets the nutritional needs of a pet in its respective phase of life or does justice to its lifestyle.

4. You can't feed healthier than BARF!

► Not true. This type of raw feeding is considered by proponents to be the ideal feed variant, as it apparently corresponds to the natural diet of an animal in the wild.

But: BARFing can also be a health risk for dogs!

Hygiene must be guaranteed here during processing and storage. Raw meat could, for example, be contaminated with salmonella, and the bones contained in the meat can damage the teeth and in the worst case lead to an intestinal obstruction or death by suffocation. Just like with wild animals!

5. Animal by-products are always inferior

►Not necessarily! For thousands of years people have been eating animal by-products, i.e. all components of an animal that are not skeletal muscles, e.g. also innards such as the heart or brain. It is by no means always bad ingredients or inferior slaughterhouse waste, as it is often said.

Nevertheless: When choosing your sole food, always read the list of ingredients carefully and critically before making a decision. Comparative tests by consumer advocates also help.

Can my dog ​​also eat cat food?

Who dog and Cat holds, knows the fight at the bowl: Schwuppdiwupp, the dog grabs a part of the cat lunch.

Is that actually dangerous?

If it happens occasionally no drama. But no dog should eat cat food permanently. It has too much protein and too few carbohydrates for him. In the worst case, this leads to deficiency symptoms. You can see it in dull fur or hair loss.

Dogs can also get gas and diarrhea from cat food. And in the long run it makes you fat too!

Good to know: Conversely, cats should only eat their own food: it contains the essential amino acid taurine, which is essential for the immune system, heart muscle function, eyesight and reproduction. Dogs, on the other hand, can partially produce taurine themselves.

What applies to sick and old dogs?

Here you should consult the veterinarian to be on the safe side. He knows best what is the best form of nutrition for each animal at any given time.

Tip: If you have a senior dog, they may not eat as much at once. She should then feed him again like a puppy - so offer small and varied, high-quality food portions more often.

Can dogs also be fed a vegetarian diet?

If the animal is healthy and likes to eat anything, that's not a problem.

But: the composition of the feed (as with humans) must be particularly balanced. This means that the energy and protein requirements as well as the requirement for all minerals and vitamins must be met. You should give your dog a varied diet consisting of dairy and egg products, vegetables, rice and pasta.