How do I use compressors effectively

Oil-free compressors

An oil-free compressor should be the first choice if you are working with materials that should not be associated with oil. For example colors. The oil added to the compressed air can destroy the paint here. The work was then completely in vain. With an oil-free compressor, there is no oil involved, so that this work can also be done reliably.

It is particularly effective when the oil-free compressor is precisely tailored to its area of ​​application. If he does his job as quiet as a whisper, that's what is commonly called a “win-win situation”.

Quiet endurance runner: The Gentilin CS240 / 24

The oil-free compressor CS240 / 24 comes from the Italian company Gentilin. Its biggest pluses are:

  • Absolute mobility
  • Whisper-quiet with a maximum of 67 dB (A)
  • Perfectly suited for continuous operation
  • Oil free

The Gentilin runs no less than 5,000 hours without maintenance being necessary. An intermediate stop (e.g. due to overheating) is also not necessary. All information about this endurance runner and other versions can be found here.

The construction site and interior construction miracle: The Schneider CPM 170-8-6 WOF compressor

The little one from Schneider can also do without oil. It is perfectly suited to show all its strengths on construction sites or in interior work. Because of its size, it is absolutely mobile, easy to maneuver and at the same time absolutely powerful. Because kid gloves are not always used on the construction site, all fragile parts of the CPM 170-8-6 WOF (pressure switches, pressure gauges, fittings, etc.) are well protected. Further advantages of this oil-free compressor:

  • Air outlets with quick coupling
  • Very handy and light
  • Pressure reducer for setting the working pressure
  • Directly flanged unit

The cutter releases the compressed air at 8 bar. The capacity of the pressure vessel is 6 liters. You can find all information as well as other products and designs here.

Super quiet for industrial operations: The RENNER compressor SL-S 1.5 - SuperSilent scroll compressor

The RENNER scroll compressor is characterized by stepless air compression through the interaction between a rigid and a rotating screw compression element. This makes it the ideal partner in the food sector and in laboratories. Of course, it also works oil-free. It can even be used near workplaces because the RENNER has a maximum sound level of just 52 dB (A).

Particularly effective: As soon as the required operating pressure is reached, the RENNER goes into standby mode. This avoids unnecessary energy costs. You can find information about the scroll compressor here.

SCROLLline compressors

In food production, electronics manufacturing or the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of the compressed air is of crucial importance for production processes. We offer oil-free compressors especially for these applications with the highest demands. The oil-free scroll compressors from RENNER are ideally suited and eliminate the risk of oil contamination. The result is 100% oil-free compressed air by an oil-free scroll compressor.

Oil-free compressors, such as an oil-free scroll compressor, promise you a high level of reliability and low operating and maintenance costs - an additional plus for oil-free SCROLLline compressors!

How does an oil-free compressor compress?

The compression of the air takes place continuously through the interaction of a fixed and a rotating spiral. This endlessly repeating compression process guarantees a low-pulsation compressed air flow.
The small number of moving components and the use of high-quality materials guarantee the functionality of the safe and reliable use of the machine over the entire service life.

Flexible compressed air supply

A multiple system with two, three or four independently working units is suitable for applications with strongly fluctuating compressed air consumption. These variants are also ideal for applications that require reserve capacity as additional security.

Oil-free compressors - your strong companion!

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