How can I use exponents in Excel

Office Excel: superscript numbers


To write formulas in Microsoft Excel, you often need to superscript numbers. There are two ways to do this: Either use the font settings to format cells. Or you can create a formula window and insert your characters there. We'll show you what you need to do in each case. Here you can find instructions on how to subscribe a character.

There are two waysto superscript a number in Excel. You should consider beforehand which variant you need for your purposes in order to preserve the format of your Excel document:

  1. You can use characters in a superscript single cell. You do that through the Font settings.
  2. You can also use a formula create. This formula is not cell-bound. This means that it can be moved around the entire Excel sheet.

Superscript numbers above the font settings

  1. Highlight the charactersthat you want to superscript.
  2. At the top left, click on "font" on the Square with the arrow. Alternatively, you can [Ctrl] + [1] to press.
  3. A new window is opening up. Put in the sub-item "Effects"checkmark"Superscript".
  4. Finally click on "OK"and your number is subscripted.

Superscript numbers using a formula

  1. Select the tab "Insert" out.
  2. Right click on "Symbols"and then on"formula". With this you insert a formula.
  3. Then select the tab "design" below "Formula tools" out.
  4. If you click on "High Low"click, two boxes are inserted.
  5. Fill in the boxes with letters. The left box is for regular characters. The right box is for superscript characters.