How do we increase Facebook visitors organically

12 ways to boost your organic reach on Facebook

Paid ads are more important than ever on Facebook today. But does that really mean that organic reach is "dead"? We mean “no”. Although it has become much more difficult to achieve an effect without ads, it still works with a good strategy. Here we tell you how.

How is the organic reach on Facebook developing and why is that so?

For years, the organic reach on Facebook has been like the water in a bathtub that someone pulled the plug out of: you goes down and goes down and goes down. The same applies to Instagram, although Instagram still scores with an impressive interaction rate.

Allow yourself for this decline identify two main causes:

  • The flood of articles and thus the competition for every single newsfeed has increased immensely.
  • Various changes in the Facebook algorithm have made it more difficult to achieve reach.

The Facebook algorithm in particular is a tricky business. After all, no outsider knows exactly how it really works. What Facebook representatives leak or what studies determine confirms the suspicion that After the last algorithm change, Facebook users see even more content from friends and family members or relatives and tend to see even less content from brands and companies.

At the same time, there is a key variable that is decisive for how Facebook content still asserts itself in companies: commitment. Finally, the groundbreaking algorithm change in 2018 announced that it would encourage “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” in addition to content from friends and family.

Under "meaningful interactions"Fall for example:

  • Followers comment on posts.
  • They respond to it, preferably with a reaction, not just a simple like.
  • Several users react to other users' comments on a video or other post from the news feed.
  • A page replies to a comment on a post.
  • Shared posts generate reactions again.
  • Users comment on or interact with a live video.

Ways You Can Increase Organic Reach

1. Try out new formats

One danger in social media marketing is that it becomes routine. You think you've found the perfect mix of images, videos and text, why should you try something new? There are a few Good reasons why it is especially important in Facebook marketing to leave the beaten path:

  • Trying out new things will keep your followers exciting.
  • It is not officially confirmed, but many social media experts suspect that Facebook prefers new formats because of its greater reach.

So even when things are going well, dare to try something new again and again, for example a fresh live video.

2. Encourage users to comment

Interaction cannot be forced, but it can be encouraged. One way is to Motivate users to comment. You can do this, for example, by asking them questions - their opinion on a particular topic, a special experience, their most exciting vacation, etc.

Likewise Surveys promote interaction.

3. Keep conversations going

Got comment, Mission accomplished? Not in every case. Sometimes the opportunity arises to make a conversation out of this comment. This ideally has an additional advantage: You collect sympathy values ​​from your followers by demonstrating interest in them or their statements, and you meet an essential requirement for meaningful interactions (see above).

4. Create videos

We have emphasized it here several times. But there are some things you can never say enough. Videos are the current top format in social media marketing and if you want to increase your organic reach on Facebook, you should definitely not do without it. The hard facts also speak for this. According to various surveys and statistics, videos on Facebook receive more reactions and are shared more often than text contributions and images.

That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to put a lot of money and effort into creating glossy videos. Sometimes even mobile phone videos score points in comparison, as they appear more authentic, for example when you want to create behind-the-scene videos.

5. Create micro-content

Teasing blog articles like this one is one way of creating Facebook content. Depending on the content, there is a second: Transfer the most important points of the article into an infographic, make a list in front of an appealing background or maybe even a meme.

This is how you walk “Long Content” in “Micro Content”which is diligently shared at best. Anyone who would like to know more about it can still check out the "original".

6. Use Facebook Live

Back to videos: Again, there are gradations according to which types of videos are more successful and these gradations do not only depend on the content. You have very good cards for more attention and thus more reach on Facebook with live videos.

For example, reports from events, interviews with experts, customers or colleagues, behind-the-scene videos or a live cooking show with a prominent guest, as in the following example, are available.

It is always important that the video is visually appealing. Invite users to comment and interact with them where possible. Here, too, longer is, for once, better. Facebook itself recommends a video duration of at least 10 minutes and if your idea gives it, nothing speaks against 45 minutes.

tip: Do not forget, Promote your live broadcasts well in advance. This increases the chances that your streaming will become an audience success. Maybe you can even involve an influencer in the promotion. Which brings us to the next point.

7. Use influencers

When most people hear the word “influencer”, they think of “Instagram” or “YouTube” first. Thereby the cooperation with brand ambassadors is also a great way to achieve greater reach on Facebook.

The network now even has its own tool, the Brand Collabs Manager, which enables companies to find the right influencers and influencers to be found. Alternatively, there are various influencer platforms for searching.

It is always important that influencers, brands and target groups fit together. So-called micro influencers often achieve particularly good results. Although these have a comparatively small community, they have a high engagement rate. The latter, however, is a decisive factor when looking for the right influencer, if only because it is crucial for your organic Facebook strategy.

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8. Publish user-generated content

In some ways it brings User-generated content has similar advantages as influencer marketing:

  • It increases the range and leads to more interactions.
  • Trust in brands and companies is growing.
  • Even purchase decisions are positively influenced.

The reach of individual followers cannot be compared with that of influencers, but user-generated content is (almost) free. It is important that you obtain the consent of the respective user.

9. Promote your Facebook account in other places

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Your social media marketing team is probably not only active on Facebook, but also on Instagram, YouTube and / or Twitter? Lots of good places to refer to your Facebook channel and do cross-promotion. So it might be a good idea to advertise your next Facebook expert interview on Twitter and XING or your next Facebook live video on Instagram.

Apart from that, a reference to the Facebook presence on your own website should not be missing. “Offline” shop windows, business cards and stationery are suitable as “traffic generators”.

10. Create content that people enjoy sharing

As nice as a like or comment is, the most valuable reaction to Facebook posts is shares. They reflect that the user not only found the post interesting, exciting or entertaining, but so interesting, exciting or entertaining that he wanted to share it with his friends. This becomes the Dream come true of content that spreads on its own.

To create content that your audience will be happy to share, you have to know their followers very well. This specifically applies to their interests, wishes and problems.

Which content do you hope to find, which ideas inspire you and which lifestyle fascinates you? If your company sells vintage fashion, photos of beautiful clothes are likely to be popular, in the field of camping, travel, vacations, photos of unusual accommodations or dream houses on the edge of the jungle prove to be very successful. Surfers rave about the towering waves and passionate cyclists on daring trails along dizzying cliffs.

Basically there is a few formats that are shared more than average (if the content is correct):

  • Memes
  • Posts on current events that interest your target audience
  • Quotes
  • Infographics
  • Practical tips
  • Posts that reflect experiences that your target audience would like to have. Here we are back at the dream house, but classic car fans could also have a hot rod adorned with flames from the 50s.

And yes, cute animals are a sure-fire success for many target groups. However, this content cannot be integrated into every social media strategy.

11. Experiment with the correct times

Imagine you've posted the funniest and most interesting infographic of your entire social media career and nobody sees it because everyone is asleep.

This is a bit of an exaggeration, which can happen if you don't deal extensively with good times for posting. Extensive means that you don't just follow any of the many advisors “This is the best time to post on Facebook, Instagram…”, but rather consult your insightsto find out when your posts are actually being read, liked and shared.

Also, keep the competition in mind. Sometimes it makes sense to experiment with times outside of prime time. Then there may be fewer of your followers in front of the screen. In return, your content gets through more easily.

12. Quality over quantity


A common mistake in an organic social media strategy is to take things to the extreme with “posting regularly” and relying on sheer bulk. Then there is the risk that the quality of the individual posts will suffer and, where available, will no longer be relevant for all the masses.

It is much better than continuous fire publish good content in a well-balanced mix of different formats.

Organically good does not mean giving up paid

To what extent Facebook has developed into a pure “Pay to Play” platform is controversial. It is hardly controversial that ads are becoming more and more important for Facebook marketing and that this trend will not reverse anytime soon.

Therefore, in most cases it makes sense to Complement the tips listed above with cleverly designed ad campaigns. After all, it is no coincidence that Facebook continues to expand its advertising repertoire in parallel to its declining organic reach. Ideally, organic Facebook strategy and ads complement each other in such a way that you achieve maximum reach and conversions for little money. For example, you can convert successful strategies in organic Facebook marketing into efficient advertisements.

Organic Facebook marketing is much more successful if you use the right tool for it. With it is easy to plan, post and analyze content in different channels, and that together as a team. Arrange a free demo now and achieve more coverage in all of your channels.