Is Abraham a good first name

What means the name Abraham and where from he comes?


Hebrew Avraham = "the father is exalted", "he is exalted in relation to his father"
As a folk etymology is the attempt to interpret: "Father of a large crowd"
"Father Abraham" can be seen as a tautology, since Abraham is already interpreted as "father", mostly as "father of many peoples / nations"
in the root of the word there are also "sublime" and "love".

When did Abraham name day?

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Abraham in the linguistics

Length | SyllablesHyphenationEndings
7 characters, 2 syllables Abra-ham -raham (5) -aham (4) -ham (3) -am (2) -m (1)
Abraham in numbers (according to ASCII-256 table)
Binary 01000001 01100010 01110010 01100001 01101000 01100001 01101101
Decimal 65 98 114 97 104 97 109
Hexadecimal 41 62 72 61 68 61 6D
Octal 101 142 162 141 150 141 155

Abraham in the phonetics

0176 A165 ABRHM
Abraham spelled
Spelling board DIN 5009 A.nton | B.erta | R.ichard | A.nton | Hset up | A.nton | M.artha
International spelling board A.lfa | B.ravo | R.omeo | A.lfa | Hotel | A.lfa | M.ike

variants from Abraham

Female form
Variants and spellings in other languages
Nicknames and nicknames
  • Abe
  • Abra
  • Abry
  • Aby
  • Bebraham
  • Brahm
  • Bram
  • Bro
  • Cebraham
  • Hami
  • Hamji
  • Maharba
  • Rami

Abraham in different Fonts

scriptOld German script
Foreign writings
Latin script ABRAHAM
Phoenician script 𐤀𐤁𐤓𐤀𐤇𐤀𐤌
Greek script Αβραηαμ
Coptic script Ⲁⲃⲣⲁ ϩ ⲁⲙ
Hebrew script אבראחאם;
Arabic writing اــبــرــاــحــاــم
Armenian script Աբռահամ
Cyrillic script Абрахам
Georgian script Ⴀბრაჰამ
Runic script ᛆᛒᚱᛆᚺᛆᛘ
Hieroglyphic writing 𓄿𓃀𓂋𓄿𓉔𓄿𓅓

Comments on Abraham

Hey guys, buy from Abraham's junk dealer,
take a look around old Abraham!

Beautiful things from the old days
noble values ​​that guide us,
and a good work that brings salvation.
What remains for the enthusiast
a few tones of tender love
as the gondolier sang about it.

Chumbamba, ba-chumbamba, ba-chumbambambaba!
Yes, come and dig in kitsch and arts,
Abraham is always at your service,
take the stuff and be happy with it!
Bam Bam Bam chumbamba ...

Hey guys, buy from Abraham's junk dealer
take a look around old Abraham.

I would only like to advise young parents against choosing this or a comparable name for their newborn son!
Such a, or comparable first name is possibly still acceptable as a second first name in our day and age, in the interest of the child of the, depending on
Living environment sooner than always
can feel harder to carry a backpack!


Well-known personality:
Vadder Abraham - he sang with the Smurfs :)

Do you think you will be disadvantaged or discriminated against if you have a religious name like Abraham these days? Has an Abraham ever had a bad experience with his name?

If I had had a son, his name would have been Abraham. I loved Abraham Lincoln and saw the film too. Also, this name is rare here. My daughter's name is Bernadette, also a rare name.

I think my name is very beautiful

Question: What do you think of the name Jacob Abraham ... ??? I'm looking for a nice middle name for Jacob, and I think that's a good fit. Only then I will definitely look stupid ... right?

That's my brother's name and I think he's very beautiful and expressive. I don't care what other people think of my taste for names.
Dare to speak your mind

I can understand you very well, Helena, I feel the same way with some names and I don't dare to reveal to everyone that they are my favorite names.
I also find Abraham very, very beautiful. I also think the name will come back, just as Noah came back.

Somehow I really like Abraham :-) Only if I betrayed that someone would look at me like a madman.

My father's name is Abraham. It's very funny that the name also means father. The name goes very well with my dad with his dark curly hair. Great father, great name.

Abraham said to Be-braham: "Can I get your Ze-braham?"

Then Be-braham to Abraham: "Your zebra will probably have leprosy ..."

My name is abraham i think this name is beautiful because it is very rare =)

Well the name is nice, only here in Germany it is too biblical, Abram sounds a little different.

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