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The 5 best breakfast sandwiches ever

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If you define it very narrowly, you could say that a breakfast sandwich is characterized by the fact that something is squeezed between two square slices of bread. But at breakfast - in anticipation of a new day - everything is allowed. Toast rolls or brioche? Croissant or pita? Soft tacos, roti or toast from the supermarket? As long as it wraps the first meal of your day, it belongs on this list, making it a breakfast sandwich.

Of all these options, is there one that is “best”? Is there the “right” way to get the perfect breakfast sandwich? As a security-dependent and risk-conscious species, we appreciate the comfort that such a superlative can give us. Admittedly, I also hoped that I could present you with the best breakfast sandwich here. But I realized: I can't. I can only give you my own answer to the question and tell you what shouldn't be missing for me: a sauce that runs out on the sides when you squeeze the sandwich, a fresh, crunchy element, a hearty filling (eggs! Ham! Bacon! Chorizo! Cheese!) And everything should be wrapped in airy and crispy packaging.

What's your favorite sandwich? (You know, write it in the comments!) Mine is the breakfast burger. My recipe was inspired by fast food creations from the 90s - whether it's McMuffin with eggs and sausage from the drive-in or a rich creation from the local café. However, I imagine that my burger has meanwhile finished school. It's full of spicy, caramelized onions, waxy eggs, a patty made from salsiccia, cheddar and sriracha mayonnaise.

Are you hungry yet? In the video I will show you step by step how you can recreate my “perfect” breakfast burger.

Why is this breakfast so perfect for me? This type of sandwich makes me feel like I'm on my way somewhere. I don't mean that metaphorically, although I probably could have made a story out of it if you looked at the current state of the world. Instead, I think a breakfast sandwich like this is the perfect snack before going on a long journey by car. It screams, "I'm up way too early and I need something rich for what's ahead of me!" Maybe it's a trip to the beach or a day off, full of opportunities that I start extra big and maybe go a little over the top, so that I have to recover from breakfast first. But who cares? This burger is meant to live in the moment. And isn't that the essence of mindfulness? What more could you want for the most important meal of the day?

Here are 4 more “perfect” breakfast sandwiches recommended by the Kitchen Stories team

For Devan, our editorial manager, the winner is undoubtedly a breakfast taco: “Whether you fold it up and call it a taco, or roll it up and call it a burrito, I'm a big fan of it, eggs, bacon, maybe a couple of freshly grated potatoes Layering cheese and a spoonful of salsa in a warm wheat or corn tortilla and calling it breakfast. A breakfast taco may not be a sandwich per se, but it fulfills all the important requirements: you can take it with you, hold it in your hand, it is full of cheese and eggs and is wrapped in “bread” (okay, that might take a bit of imagination, but you know what i mean). If you haven't had the pleasure of having a breakfast taco (or burrito), consider this my kind invitation to cancel and change your real plans for this weekend.
Try this recipe for breakfast tacos with scrambled chorizo ​​and salsa verde.

The ham-and-cheese croissant

I caught Hanna stealing a ham and cheese croissant when I walked into the kitchen while she was preparing this shoot. "Caught! I believe this is here my perfect breakfast sandwich, ”she revealed. “I love the coarse-grained mustard! It is also essential that you eat it just like that - and not warm with melted cheese. It's perfect cold and it tastes like you've bought it at Le Crobag. "

According to my colleague Mary-Linh, a Bánh Mì is the real hero among breakfast sandwiches. “Lots of people know and love Bánh Mì, but the breakfast version, Bánh Mì Ốp La, doesn't have that many people on their radar. That's weird because it's a standard breakfast in Vietnam. Everywhere in Saigon you can find street vendors and mobile kitchens that start selling Bánh Mì Ốp La at sunrise and only stop when the eggs run out. I hated it as a kid. But if you take away the meaty filling and replace it with fried eggs with crispy fried corners, pickled carrots and daikon radish, crunchy cucumbers, soy sauce (although Maggi is used more often), coriander and the signature mayo and butter mixture, the result is simple delicious. Some things in life are better when they don't get too complicated, and Bánh Mì Ốp La proves it. If you fancy something less traditional, there's nothing wrong with putting a few strips of crispy bacon on top of your Bánh Mì.

If Christian has his way, this is it the perfect bacon sandwich. Viewed objectively. The key is that the ingredients list is kept short. The elements: bacon, bread, butter and the fat from the bacon in which the bread is toasted. It is pressed into the pan so that it becomes really crispy. Christian prefers to eat it cut into strips so that he can dip it in sweet, coarse mustard. “You don't need anything else,” he says. Though he later admitted that a little ketchup wouldn't hurt either.

Master the simplicity of the bacon sandwich with the recipe below:

Published on February 7, 2021