Which cannabis strains have aphrodisiac effects?

Sexxpot, the orgasm weed.

Please what?! That's crazy, there is a strain of weed that was bred especially for female orgasm! People come up with ideas. Or in that case it was a woman who dedicated herself to this very special breed.

Karyn Wagner is the inventor of Sexxpot, the name of the variety that actually says it all. It is intended to enrich and increase the sexual experience, especially for women.

It was bred from the cannabis variety Mr. Nice, which is said to already have an aphrodisiac effect. At Sexxpot, these properties have been reinforced and emphasized. The result is a cannabis strain that is designed to focus your senses and make you more open to sexual experiences.

An important detail here is that Sexxpot contains less THC than the most popular cannabis strains.

The common varieties contain around 18-20% THC. Sexxpot on the other hand only 14%. The theory behind this is that less THC is better for sex. Mrs. Wagner wanted to avoid the couch-heavy effect that too much THC brings with it. So you should be calm, relaxed and less inhibited by Sexxpot, without sinking into the sofa and not being able to do anything, which would definitely be a hindrance, in order to then have sex.

The best prerequisites for good sex: increased sensory perception, lower inhibition threshold and at the same time fully functional physically.

Sexxpot is an indica strain, so it's primarily intended to target the body, not the head. Without completely knocking you out. As mentioned before, Sexxpot was bred from the Mr. Nice strain and therefore comes from a strong indica line. Mr. Nice's ancestors are G-13 and Hash Plant. Sexxpot continues the tradition of their ancestors. And at the same time it raises the sensual qualities of these varieties to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you much more about this sex weed. Even in the US, it is currently only available in California. You can even have it delivered to your home there if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are two legal delivery services that can be contacted through the official Sexxpot website.

To the website: Squeeze me, harder, harder!

What kind of experiences have you had with cannabis in relation to sex? Have you ever had an aphrodisiac effect from weed? Write it in the comments!