What is the name of the Yodas species

Yoda's species

The Jedi Grand Master Yoda, the Jedi Councilor Yaddle, and the young man Grogu were members of a little green-skinned one specieswho was especially gifted for power.[9][3][2][8] Because of its antiquity and secretive nature, little was known about the species.[10] Her relatives lived for hundreds of years: this is how Yoda died in old age[3] of 900 years.[7] They were less than half the size of the average person. Grogu was still considered a child at the age of 50 and was 42 centimeters tall,[11] Jedi Master Yaddle was 61 centimeters tall at 477 years[12] and Yoda's height was almost 900 years[7] 66 centimeters.[3] They had long, pointed ears and a small nose; her forehead was furrowed with furrows.[1][3][2] Yaddle wore shoulder-length brown hair,[2] while Yoda, around 700 years old, did not[13] and had thin, white hair at almost 900 years of age.[3] Her large white eyes were brown[1] or green iris,[3][2] in younger people the iris and pupil were particularly large.[1] Her hands had three long clawed fingers and her feet had a big long toe in the middle and two more next to it.[1][3][2] The diet of the species was largely carnivorous, so they could eat whole, live frogs in one bite.[4][14] But they also ate amphibian eggs[6] and cookies.[5]

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Yoda's species


Average size:

0.70 meters

Special features:

long-lived, green-skinned, peaceful

Known individuals:

Vandar Tokare, Yoda, Yaddle, Peshosloc, Oteg, Minch

Yoda's species is a small, long-lived, green-skinned species of unknown name and ancestry. Yoda, a Grand Master of the Jedi Order, was one of the most famous members of this species, reaching an age of over 900 years. Both he and other representatives of his species were characterized throughout their lives by their peacefulness, harmony with nature as well as their patience and concern.

Sources [edit]

  • The swampy planetDagobah is not the home planet of Yoda's species.
  • With their rare appearance in books, games or films, they are always portrayed as highly power-sensitive, which indicates a naturally high gift of power. Four of the six known individuals were represented on the Jedi Council.
  • Yoda and the Jedi Master Yaddle were born in The phantom menace depicted and played by puppets. In attack of the Clone warriors Yoda was completely computer animated for the action scenes, while Yaddle was no longer featured. In the 2011 new edition of the Hexalogy, Yoda was then also for The phantom menace computer animated. In the original trilogy, Yoda was also handled as a doll on Dagobah.