The 240SX is a good first car

Need for Speed ​​Underground 2: Best Starter Car

Start your first career in the difficulty level Easy. Then you have no problems winning races. If you get Rachel's car, you'll get two racing locations. Win this and you already have 400 in your account. If you have won the second race, go to the car dealer and choose a cart of your choice. I recommend the Peugeot 106 and the Opel Corsa. Then you have to go to the garage.

If you've been there, you can start looking for shops. The car dealer (aqua colors) is already on the map. Megalow Parts is also on it. Now all you have to do is look for a body shop, a paint and decor shop, a tuning shop and a special parts shop. The body shop is from the garage: turn right, second street on the right and you can see it (green).

  • The paint and decor shop is where the big intersection is, with the fountain in the middle, at one of the ends (red).
  • The tuning shop is near the garage. He is in a side street (blue).
  • The special parts shop is straight ahead from the paint and decor shop, through the alley, at an intersection in front of Megalow Parts, turn left, keep straight ahead and keep right (yellow).

Look for these shops, enter them, but leave them again, because you can save the money for a better cart. You now have to drive until you can choose the Hyundai Coupé from the car dealer. Take it and use up the dough you have saved. You should get it just before the Jackson Heights district. It's the best car in my opinion because it has top acceleration and a top speed.

Another little color tip:

Use metallic dark blue as the basic color and metallic yellow for spoilers, exterior mirrors and roof spoilers. Of course you can't use that for the rims, the brakes, the engine and the exhaust, just yellow. The neon, the color of the headlights and the car window films also turn yellow. Only the nitro vent turns blue & gold.

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