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Lorbser session: traffic jam on the rollator highway

Not only fools know that Marktheidenfeld is moving forward. But apparently they know it particularly well. The carnival association "Die Lorbser" quickly found a motto for the three carnival sessions over the past two weekends: "Marktheidenfeld is rising!"

After the welcome by Michael Höhnlein, who was in a good mood, the foolish five-hour program started with a handsome dance by the young, delicate-looking Lorbser dance fairy Amelie Brönner. The entry of the child prince couple Nadine I (Höhnlein) and Christopher I (Väth) as well as the Lorbser prince couple Anja I (Seidel) and Richard II (Sethmacher) together with the garden provided a splendid picture. The construction guard showed their skills on "Over the Rainbow".

Photo gallery: Lorbser ceremonial meeting In the children's section, Elena and David Väth reported on their experiences at Mardi Gras in the old people's home, where it can be really fun. Tabea Fritz let the guests participate in the home improvement skills of her father, who repaired the washing machine and television in vain. The performance of the little ones was thrilling when the Purzelgarde danced the nightly events in the zoo in delightful, colorful costumes before the children's finals.

All just a misunderstanding

In the meantime, the dancing cat has moved up into the adult program, creating the transition with dance-like expression and charm. Manuela Geißler and Daniela Hoh portrayed a strange couple at breakfast in a sketch and showed how well women and men can misunderstand each other. The young guard shone to the brisk rhythms of Michael Jackson.

Instructor Michelle Schäbler humorously reminded us that women in the armed forces have been armed with guns for eleven years and took the carnival prince really into action with ten push-ups.

The sketch duo Manuela Geißler and Daniela Hoh then continued their battle of the sexes in a comical playback show on stage. Then the show dance group showed the noble fool August Jeßberger what a “housewives ballet” can represent: “Girls just want to have fun”.

In the role of Mayor Helga Schmidt-Neder, Elisabeth Hagenbucher, dressed in red and black, stepped into the Bütt and took on a few mistakes such as the expanded pedestrian zone, flower arrangements from Holland or the art in the town hall. For re-election, she advised overcoming “Leo's cobblestone heritage” with “walker highways” and helping the city council to exercise and be more active at the year-end meeting in Wonnemar. The Prinzengarde offered a traditional, brisk dance march, which showed that the girls had trained a lot over the year to inspire their audience. Michael Born, a lost tourist in Hesse, went to the old town of Hädefeld in search of his Hilde, whom he did not know how to write anything flattering in his studbook. Bütten speaker Tanja Pützner came from the Heidingsfeld Fasenachtsgilde “Giemaul” and went into battle with language computers, call centers and English fashionable terms.

At the successful end of the classic carnival dance, the dance marie whirled across the stage on brisk legs. Werner Bausewein and Michael Höhnlein, as Baron Münchhausen and his creator, the Hädefelder folk artist, kept an eye on local events. They wanted to give the art more space, saw traffic jams on the rollator highway in front of the inn and were not entirely clear about the purpose of the watercourse at the new town hall center.

The show dance group performed with the "Vision of the Maya" an end-time fantasy with female expression and great costumes. Glasofen's carnival export hit Rainer Thorun alias “Der Berchschneider” does not make additions, but guidelines. Cunningly wiggling his ears, he talked about everyday work in the city and showed himself to be a master of the dialect. Before the finale with all the actors on stage, the men's ballet invited "Captain Jack Sparrow" to a pirate dance in a harbor pavement, uniquely atmospheric - masculine elegance paired with great zeal. The party duo "MP-2" provided the right musical accompaniment: Frank Herold and Bernd Bernard.

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