Which is better Minneapolis or St. Paul


Dynamic glass has undoubtedly started to soar. It is now found in a wide variety of projects in almost every segment of the market, including office buildings, academic institutions, cultural institutes, and healthcare facilities. According to a recent study of the industry, it can be assumed that the transport sector will also pick up on this trend due to the glare protection properties and the tint of the dynamic glass, which is dependent on the intensity of the sun.

For traffic hubs, such as airports, bus stations and other terminals, electrochromic glass is ideal, as it minimizes heat build-up and increases the comfort of the users of the rooms.

We at SageGlass are also benefiting from this trend and recently added 950 square feet of SageGlass in Terminal 1-Lindbergh of Minneapolis-St. Paul installed as part of the security checkpoint project.

Thermal and energy efficiency through dynamic glass improves the travel experience

As many of us already know, airports are quite stressful and no one likes to wait in line at security before starting a trip. SelfBloomberg has the “Airport Frustration Index”, in which airports across the country are rated according to how long it takes to get to the airport, how cumbersome the security checks are, the quality of the terminals and toilets, whether there are recreational opportunities and how often flights start on time. While we have no control over the queues, SageGlass helps show the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by regulating heat generation and glare to enhance the travel experience.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, better known as MSP, is a major national transportation hub with more than 400,000 take-offs and landings annually. In 2015, the MSP handled more than 36 million travelers, making it the number 16 in North America in terms of annual passenger numbers.

Given the large number of travelers the airport records each year, we are happy that our dynamic glass increases the comfort of those who use the rooms by preventing glare and excessive heat. Anything that makes the travel experience more enjoyable and efficient is good news for all of us. So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!