Is it really worth paying for financial coaching

Financial coaching - correct handling of finances

We have different needs in every phase of life. That is normal. So you plan your retirement cautiously at a young age and are probably thinking about how you can finance your own home. However, it is often difficult to invest money because there is often a lack of role models and background knowledge. In very few schools children learn how to invest money. Instead, the parents and grandparents preach how they increased their money or want to increase it. However, with the current state of possibilities, they are rare. The financial coach can help you build up your wealth and handle money properly.

To do this, the coach looks at your income and expenses. Your personal plans and career prospects are also important. Would you like to have children one day? Do you have a great legacy? What is your lifestyle You will be asked questions after questions so that you and the coach can find the ideal strategy for dealing with the money. It can be particularly tricky if you are still in training or studying. Your financial resources are particularly limited now, but that doesn't mean you don't have to worry about “asset management”. Often the opposite is the case in order not to fall into the debt trap.

If you are making little money, you may only be able to save a very small amount per month. You may think it's not worth it, but it is not. There is a principle behind it. You get used to putting aside a percentage of your income early on. At the beginning it might only be 20 euros. In a few years, however, it will be 200 euros and eventually 1,000 euros or more. Also keep in mind that “even small livestock make crap”. If you invest small amounts over the years, you will eventually have a larger amount. They can help you, for example, with renting an apartment or applying for a loan. The finance coach helps young people to understand exactly this and to plan smartly for the future. This is a better way to make your own dreams come true.