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Alexandra Homolar-Riechmann

Alexandra Homolar-Riechmann

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Dipl.-Pol., Born 1976; Study of political science; currently doctoral candidate at the Institute for Comparative Political Science and International Relations in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt / M.
Address: Hessian Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research (PRIF), Leimenrode 29, 60322 Frankfurt / M.
Email: [email protected]

On the political ideas of neoconservative think tanks

US foreign policy is currently determined by a number of ultra-conservative think tanks. What are your ideas and ideas?


Since President George W. Bush took office, the US administration's foreign policy strategies in particular - such as first strike doctrine, far-reaching democratization and the idea of ​​a permanent and militarized Pax Americana - have repeatedly turned the world's attention to the United States. These "visions" of the strategic role of the USA, especially by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney as well as a group of other high-ranking officials within the government [1], are being promoted in the same way as the personalities themselves with numerous so-called neo-conservative think tanks connected. But who are these think tanks? Which streams of ideas are they guided by?