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Advantages and disadvantages of a single family home

The home doesn't always have to be a dream. If it comes within reach, the question arises whether it should be a single-family house or maybe a terraced house. When deciding on a single-family home, however, you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, a wrong decision could cost you dearly.

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Terraced house or semi-detached house

If you decide to own your own home, you should consider which variant is suitable for you. First you should clarify the question of where exactly the new home should be built - in the city or rather in a rural area. The next question: should it be a terraced house, a semi-detached house or a detached single-family house? The different house types all have their advantages and disadvantages, of course.

The row house can be maintained in an energy-saving way, because here two sides are usually protected from the neighboring houses. Row houses are usually handed over turnkey. This means that there is little space left for individuality. The same goes for the garden, which is also mostly small. A semi-detached house offers more options for free design. The advantage is offset by the disadvantage that you have slightly higher energy costs here, as the house is exposed to the weather from three sides.

Detached family house: advantages and disadvantages

A detached house offers plenty of space for individuality and often also the possibility of creating a beautiful garden. In the house itself you can enjoy a great advantage: Here you can decide individually how the rooms should be divided up when you build a new one. You also have the advantage when it comes to the neighborhood, because here you can almost choose your neighbors, and the property line is a bit away from the house. The disadvantage of a detached family home is the fact that there are higher energy costs. Insurance costs can also trend up here.