How do you learn breakdancing steps Learn breakdance, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced

But don't you know how to start?

Then you are exactly right here.

You will learn all about that on this site Break dancing. From the basics that you need to know at the beginning, through all the moves to the right clothing and courses.

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Here we go!

1. Basic knowledge

2. Top rocking

3. Downrocking

4. Powermoves

5. Freezes

6. Warm up and stretching exercises

Basic knowledge

Breakdance is a dance that belongs to hip hop. It looks very spectacular and simple and already counts under high-performance sport. Of course it's a lot of fun. But anyone who wants to learn breakdancing has to expect a lot of time and needs a lot of energy. Of course you can learn breakdancing as a girl and as a boy. The breakdancers in this scene call themselves bboys (breaking or beat boy) and bgirls.

More and more children, adolescents and adults want to start learning breakdancing because it looks very impressive and everyone develops their own style. That's why break dancing will never be boring and will always be a stylish dance. Every dancer has his own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to break dancing, one is a blatant powermover, the other prefers styled ones, or one is a funny dancer.

Every spectator is always very amused as soon as the right beat comes on and the bboys start to dance.


On this page you will learn all the basics about breakdancing, but as an advanced you can certainly learn something about breakdancing.

Develop your own style and you will see that there are finite variations. You can go it alone or find a buddy and learn breakdancing with him, which will also be beneficial for battles. In battles dancers compete against dancers. In many battles you have to have a crew or at least you have to compete as a duo. Therefore it is advantageous for you if you start right at the beginning with a comrade who is on your level and who can support each other when breaking.

But that's it with the theory, now let's start learning breakdance 🙂!

How do you learn breakdancing?


In breakdance there are four different areas that can be combined. These four areas are the basics of break dancing.


Top rocking

In the top rocking area, everything counts what you do while standing. Top rocks are easy to learn and they can look really awesome. With top rocking you give the spectators (possibly your opponents in the battle) a foretaste of what you can do.




Under downrocking (footwork) moves include where your body is on the ground.

Downrocking is where you can develop the best styles, so be the most creative here. Because this is where you can impress the judges (jurors in the battle) and the spectators the most besides power moves.

The 6 step is a very important footwork because you can combine a lot of other footworks with it. It's also a good place to start and easy to learn.



Power moves

Power moves are like in the word, all moves with a lot of power. They have a lot to do with rotation and speed. In addition, power moves are very popular in breakdancing.

Power moves need, however time until you can. This is usually the case and therefore you should allow yourself enough time for power moves and not worry about it if you can't do them right away. But in the end they look all the better. Give yourself as much time as you need because you can only learn from mistakes. The windmill is a good start, because with it you are still with most of your body on the ground. It's the prerequisite for other power moves like Munchmill, which you've probably seen before






Freezes are the moves that are usually only made at the end of a routine or choreo. But you can also do it at the beginning or in the middle. With freezes you don't move at all for a moment because, as in the word, you are “frozen” for a moment.

I can recommend the Baby Freeze and the Chair.


Baby Freeze





I have now shown you all the types of breakdancing there is. And when you combine these styles, you can just put on a great show and show people what you can do!

Of course there are countless other moves in each area. The best thing is, you can design the moves according to your creativity and have so much fun coming up with your own choreos that you can use for battles or shows.

But before you start training now, we've forgotten the most important thing! That is, warm up and stretch. You should warm up and stretch for about 10 to 20 minutes before each workout to protect yourself from serious strains. Personally, I also never feel like warming up and stretching and would rather start dancing right away, but these things should be done before training.

There are many warm-up exercises. From jogging on the spot to strength training, but also top rocks and footworks are very good warm-up exercises. The best thing to do is simply enter “Breakdance warm up” on Youtube and you have good warm-up exercises.

Here are some good stretching exercises

Stretching is by far the most important thing in break dancing. Anyone can confirm that to you. You need a lot of flexibility with break dancing and this only comes from stretching. A lot of power moves only consist of stretching (e.g. windmill, flare). I can highly recommend you every, or every other day 10 to 20 minutes. to stretch. Especially the arms and legs.

Now you can start right away. You have good warm-ups, stretches and basics.


How often do breakdance trainings?

Of course, when you see the first progress and when you are really good also depends on your training. Therefore, you should exercise regularly. Preferably twice or three times a week if you have the time. If something comes up now, it doesn't matter. You just shouldn't exercise too infrequently. Because at some point you don't feel like doing it anymore because you don't see any progress.


How long does it take to be a professional bboy?

I asked myself this question at the beginning. And I can answer this question very easily for you: Because that is only influenced by training. You can't really say how many years or months it will take, because that depends on you. But I'm not writing this article to give you a blanket answer. Well, I would say it takes three to four years on average. Of course, that doesn't mean that you won't be a pro in three to four years if you start today, because you can just as easily make it in one to two years or less if you train hard every day.

How many breakdance moves are there?

I have asked myself this question several times. And unfortunately I can't give you any precise details. Because everyone can create and invent moves themselves. There are some basics, but there are not a certain number of breakdance moves because new ones are always being invented.


Where can you breakdance?

That was one of my biggest problems when I was about to start breakdancing. I felt like dancing and training, but I just didn't know where. My room was too small and I didn't know where there was a dance school or something.

If you have similar or even the same problem as I did then, read the following points carefully.

  • Of course, it would be best if you had enough space to train at home to start with. But you should also make sure that you do not disturb anyone with your noise.

When you realize that you know all the basics and are ready to take the next step, I would ask around in the next city, where there are breakdance schools (dance schools), dance studies or youth houses that offer breakdancing. Because at some point it is best for you to dance with other dancers, because you can learn new things from others and expand your own basics. At some point you need a real trainer (preferably different trainers) who will point out your mistakes and explain to you what you can do better.

That's exactly how I did it.


  • Where there would be a very good place to train would be outside. But it also depends on where you live. In cities there are definitely enough places to train, but in villages you first have to look for a place where you can start in peace. However, since I don't want to tell you to throw yourself through the air outside and, in the worst case, hit the hard ground stupidly, you should definitely have the right surface. It should not only be soft when you land on it, but also padded so well that you can practice power moves.

That's why I have chosen a very good surface for you:

Breakdance mat *

You can practice whatever you want on these mats. They are not too soft to train but not too hard either. We use them ourselves for training, whether indoors or outdoors.

Are you still missing the right clothes?


Breakdance clothes


You will fall very often and you will have to get used to a lot of pain. It is completely normal. Breakdancing also involves a lot of discipline. You should only really start it if your will is strong enough (which I assume otherwise you would not be on this side).

Now you can actually start breakdancing right away. If you've really never had anything to do with breakdancing, then the best thing to do is start with classic top rock and baby freeze.

And a tip from my heart: if you really want to be a bboy / bgirl, then you have to pull it off with your full willpower. And the more you train and learn new things, the more fun it will be for you. Maybe at some point you can start your own street dance show with your buddies and even make good money with breakdancing.


With this in mind, have fun on your way! 🙂