How do I cancel an event

Cancel bookings

You can quickly and easily cancel saved bookings in eveeno.

There are many reasons for cancellations: a participant is unable to attend, has not transferred the fee after booking, or you have to cancel the entire event. It goes without saying that you can decide whether a booking can be canceled and whether fees that have already been paid will be reimbursed.

You can edit the booking data of individual participants under Bookings> booking data. There you will find a list of all participants. You can open various options by clicking on the red tools button on the right-hand side of a booking. This also includes the Cancel button of the booking: "Cancel".

After clicking the button, a window opens in which you can enter a Compose a mail to the participant can to inform about the cancellation. There is also the option of a Cancellation invoice as an email attachment to send. Cancellation invoices are automatically created by eveeno as soon as a booking has been canceled. You can also download the cancellation invoices collectively from Dashboard> Download Documents.

If you do that Take over payment management yourself, the reimbursement of any fees that have already been paid is up to you, as the participants transfer to your organizer account.

If you have the eveeno payment processing one is enough to make use of them and to reimburse participation fees that have already been paid informal communication via the support box (blue triangle at the bottom left) or as an email to [email protected] Please enter the Ticket or booking number to and exactly how much is to be reimbursed in order to ensure quick and exact processing.

Example: "Booking 4321-0010-A2: refund € 50" or "Ticket 1234-0004-GY: refund in full"

Cancellation by the participant

If your event is free and you have allowed it, attendees can use the Booking center run independently. You will find all the information you need on the help pages for the booking center.

Otherwise, the participant will contact you using the contact details stored for your event and proceed as described above.

If you need to postpone or cancel the entire event, you can find more information on how to proceed here: Details