Do you have faith in people

Learning to trust: How to stop distrusting yourself and others

Trust requires a willingness to be vulnerable.

You have to be ready to be hurt too !!!

This sentence is so incredibly important! You have to be ready to be hurt too.


If you trust yourself, someone else, or a situation, it means that it can also turn out negatively for you. To be more precise: not according to your expectations.

If you trust yourself, you can also disappoint yourself. If you don't act like this, you'll get the results you want. Yes it does.

If you trust a person, they can hurt you by cheating, lying, or otherwise disappointing you. Of course, this is always possible. And you always take the risk that this is exactly what will happen.

If you trust a situation, it can happen that it doesn't turn out to be what you hoped for. Sure, that happens too.

And that's why it takes courage from you to make yourself vulnerable and learn to deal with it precisely.

To venture into unknown territory. Trusting other people without knowing if they will judge, hurt, or laugh at you.

Does it hurt? Yes!

And yet: Without the courage to be vulnerable, you will not be able to have new experiences, enter into deep relationships and live a life with all your heart.

One is not possible without the other. Therefore there is no alternative at all.

Or do you always want to stay in your unloved job? Don't you really want to love and feel connected? Don't learn anything new? Probably not right?

Realize that we are all vulnerable. Every single one. We should all just embrace our vulnerability. She is there. She will never go