What does Unalome Tattoo

50 Unalome Tattoo Ideas - Meaning, Tips, and Inspiration

Do you feel like getting a new tattoo again? Or you don't have one yet and would like to finally get a nice tattoo motif? But it shouldn't just be something, but a symbol with profound meaning? Then an Unalome Tattoo might be just the thing for you. Because these beautifully curved tattoos look amazing on the one hand and on the other hand they have a special meaning for their wearer. Today you will learn more about the origin and the meaning of Unalome tattoos and you can get inspiration from the many tattoo ideas below.

The Unalome Tattoo Symbol - the steep path to enlightenment

What does an unalome tattoo mean?

You could actually write a lot about these deep tattoos. Basically, however, you should definitely know a few things. The Unalome Tattoo is said to have its origin in Thailand. Briefly explained, it symbolizes the path to enlightenment and the reunification with cosmic consciousness.

The Unalome symbol is actually Buddhist, but is not necessarily only worn by people who belong to this belief. Many who devote themselves to their spiritual development or who practice yoga also like to have this motif engraved. In the meantime, more and more unalome tattoos are being engraved and supplemented with other symbols such as lotus, the OM, crescent moon, cross, semicolon, etc. So everyone can choose their own variation or have them personalized for themselves.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus stands for purity, creativity and enlightenment

Basically, an Unalome tattoo consists of three main elements. In the beginning is the spiral. For women this begins to turn to the left and stands for the feminine energy in the universe. For men, the spiral turns to the right, respectively. This part of the Unalome tattoo symbolizes the earthly life in duality and separation, which goes on cyclically.

Furthermore, the line then goes from the spiral to some vibrations or jaggies, depending on the style and design of the tattoo. These curved elements are the most important milestones on a person's individual path to enlightenment. All life lessons and hurdles that one had to overcome in order to become stronger and wiser find their place in the tattoo. Everything that brings you closer to cosmic consciousness. Where you don't have to identify with anything and become ONE with everything.

An unalome tattoo can be personalized as desired

The culmination of an Unalome tattoo is the straight line that stands for harmony and inner balance. This in turn leads to the transcendent state of ultimate enlightenment, which in Buddhism is also called nirvana. There, where the last veil of illusion is revealed and the omnipresent truth is experienced. It is the moment of awakening (bodhi) that completely drops all misconceptions and identifications of the ego. A buddha is born!

Often the lotus is the culmination of such a tattoo

Which parts of the body are ideal for an Unalome tattoo?

Most tattoos can be done on a wide variety of parts of the body. With profound symbols like an unalome you should think about it a little bit. And if you really value it and don't want to show yourself disrespecting the symbolism and Buddhism, then you should wear the tattoo in the upper area of ​​the body. The neck and back are very popular, but also wrists, upper and forearms, as well as fingers and stomach. Many have an Unalome tattoo behind their ear or even wear it as a face tattoo.

Some even wear a classic Unalome around the neck

What does an Unalome tattoo cost?

According to our research, the prices start here from 50-70 euros. It always depends on the size of the tattoo and which technique was used. Tattoos that are made up of only thin lines generally cost less than others that are made with thicker lines or shadows. Colorful or white tattoos are also paid for differently. Depending on the amount of work and materials, the tattoo artist will negotiate the specific price with you. Therefore, think carefully in advance which price is suitable for you.

Extra tip: Black work tattoos are generally more durable and are much easier to retouch like new. Colorful tattoos, especially in lighter colors such as light green, yellow or pink, fade relatively quickly and need to be copied more often.

The color then lasts a little longer on the neck

Let yourself be inspired by the remaining tattoo ideas in our picture gallery. Choose the right part of the body for your very personal Unalome tattoo and develop it together with the tattoo artist of your choice. Think about which important vibrations you want to incorporate and which additional symbol suits you best.

Maybe it's the crescent moon and the lotus?

Or is the OM symbol more likely for you?

A dragonfly is also a little more modern

Or along the whole spine

Another popular part of the body for women is on the chest

As well as on the upper back

Men tend to wear it behind the ear

Or on the arm

The choice is just entirely up to you