For how much do dairy cows sell

Not every day : What does a cow actually cost?

The dairy industry is facing major changes. The milk quota ends on Tuesday, and from Wednesday farmers can produce as much milk as they want. That could make buying a cow attractive. But: what does a cow actually cost?

For a dairy cow you currently have to pay an average of 1,600 euros. She is then usually two years old, younger animals are considered to be calves. Only after 24 to 28 months does the cow give birth for the first time and then also give milk. “It makes sense to wait as long as you buy from the breeder, because only then will you know how much milk it is producing,” says farmer Hans Foldenauer, member of the Association of German Dairy Farmers. 9,000 to 10,000 kilograms of milk per year are considered good.

The milk yield is the decisive price factor. What color the cow is, whether black and white or brown, does not matter. However, if you buy a flexi cow, you usually have to lie down a little more: "So-called dual-purpose cows give a lot of milk, but are also suitable for fattening." When in doubt, they therefore have the higher resale value - even after a few years.

A flexi cow costs around 2000 euros. For animals with genetic characteristics that are particularly interesting for breeding, however, top prices of up to 25,000 euros can be achieved, explains Kerstin Keller from the Association of German Cattle Breeders.

We know what a liter of milk costs. But how expensive is a cow? What does the city administration have to spend on a traffic light? And what does the Bundeswehr pay for a tank? In our new section, we deal with such questions every Monday and try to attach a price tag to goods that do not fit into a shopping basket.

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