What is the difference between nudism and naturism

Naturism and nudism - a difference that is important to know

Emergence of the first naturist movements and their conceptual delimitation

Apart from the ancient Greeks, who did sports naked, and some indigenous peoples, since the beginning of civilization, nudity has become more and more a taboo for people. Adam and Eve are representative and symbolic of this development. Living naked was, in several senses, natural. In recent history in particular, showing the body has been viewed with shame. This alienation from nature was countered by people at the beginning of the last century. Naturist movements arose. For example, on the Swiss Monte Verità, many members of a community of artists and dropouts lived textile-free. As early as 1899, the German August Engelhardt joined an association whose main focus was on a vegetarian and undressed life. Later he made an attempt to found a community in a German South Sea colony with a focus on closeness to nature and nudity - the attempt failed. These social currents are still often referred to today as the nudist movements, although they clearly incorporate the main aspects of naturism. When planning a nudist holiday, it is helpful to know and differentiate between the terms. This is how you can find the naturist center that best suits your needs. But what is the difference?

Naturists and nudists - the difference

Both nudism and naturism each describe a nude culture. The two movements share the basic idea of ​​men and women being naked in an environment of like-minded people. However, nudism is largely limited to nudity, whereby the environment in which the textile-free activities or activities take place is not decisive. The demands of the naturists go far beyond this and represent their own attitude towards life. Naturism is a holistic philosophy whose guiding principle - the name says it - is based on a life in unity with nature. Respect for others is just as important as respect for the environment. The feeling of feeling free and being able to move freely naked is the specialty that a nudist campsite for naturists offers you. However, freedom ends where people and nature are no longer respected. Failure to respect a fellow vacationer would be a huge breach of nudist village etiquette. Whether you have already gained experience with nudism or whether you are planning a nudist holiday with your partner or family for the first time, this knowledge will help you choose the right nudist center.