Why doesn't eBay accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin & Co .: Ebay open to payment with crypto currencies

Ebay looks to the future

It seems that Ebay is now also toying with accepting crypto money.
Will you soon be able to bid for items with Dogecoin? Ebay is at least interested in the new means of payment. NFTs could also come in the form of collectable objects.
Cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity. This also increases the number of companies that accept virtual coins as a means of payment. If you prefer to transfer Bitcoin for your new Tesla, for example, you can already do so. It is therefore not surprising that Ebay does not seem averse to the digital mammon either. "We keep an eye on the most relevant means of payment and will continue to monitor them in the future. We have no immediate plans, but crypto currency is something we keep an eye on," said Ebay to the news portal Reuters. And Ebay CEO Jamie Iannone confirmed in an interview with CNBC that the online marketplace is taking a closer look at payment by virtual means. This is not yet a firm commitment, but the statement seems to be further evidence that the crypto currencies, which were formerly avoided mainly by traditional financial houses, are increasingly penetrating the mainstream.
In addition to Dogecoin & Co., the Californian group is currently working on non-fungible tokens (NFT). These are unique cryptographic identification tags. Since they are not interchangeable, but are unique, they act as digital certificates of authenticity. For this reason, NFTs can be found primarily in the field of digital art, music or objects from computer games - they guarantee that the works are originals. According to CNBC, Ebay is investigating ways of offering trading in NFTs on its own platform. In the future, too, it should be possible to find everything that can be collected on the digital marketplace.