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Sit down, close your eyes, listen - the most relaxing song in the world

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The most important thing on the subject The most relaxing song in the world

  • Neuroscientists from the market research institute MindLab International found out in an experiment that "Weightless" by the English band Marconi Union is the most relaxing song in the world.

  • The stress level decreased among the participants in the study 65 percent while listening to the song. They became calmer, more relaxed, their fears and worries were simply blown away by the chilled sound. Before that, they were put under extreme stress by having to solve tricky puzzles under time pressure.

  • The song was specially created by Marconi Union in collaboration with a Music therapists created by the British Academy of Sound Therapy to create perfect harmony. Many of the test subjects jumped at it so much that they fell asleep. Therefore, it is better not to listen to this song while driving.

Why is this song so relaxing?

  • Good songs are a dime a dozen and every taste in music is different. So how can it be that "Weightless" from Marconi Union has this measurable relaxation effect on people? That's because the music is aware of the Heart rate lowers. The rhythm starts with 60 beats per minute and drops to 50 beats as the song progresses. As you listen to the music, your heartbeat adjusts to the beat. This process is called Entrainment designated.
  • If the heart rate drops due to the music, the blood pressure also drops. The song is quite long with over 8 minutes, which was planned specifically. Because after 5 minutes the heartbeat has adjusted to the lower frequency, from then on you fall into relaxation mode. Another relaxation factor: the melody does not repeat itself, so your brain shut down completely and trying not to guess what's next.
  • By the way, there is also one from "Weightless" 10 hour versionthat is supposed to help you fall asleep. Don't you think it really works? Then give it a try!

5 more songs to chill out with

  • "Electra - Religion Cut" from Airstream brings you back to yourself after a stressful day and should not be missing on your relaxation playlist.

  • The title "Mellomaniac - Chillout Mix" by DJ Shah sounds very chilled out and does what he promises.

  • Also recommended for coming down: "Indigo" by LEFT.

  • The Irish musician Enya is generally pretty good at the relaxing songs. The remastered version of "Watermark" from 2009, however, has a particularly relaxing effect.

  • Even Coldplay made it to the top of the world's most relaxing songs, with "Strawberry Swing".

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