What is the worst bar in Texas

The Garden Grille & Bar, Victoria

The hotel is new, open air feel, nice from the outside but it's only a few months old so you can't stay here. Maybe this is a place to hang out for a weekend even though we live here. If dinner is nothing like the hotel, As I said I pass. The hotel and staff: went to dinner and made it down the hill really fast. The area you food gives no direction, do we wait for a table? Do you seat yourself? People are confused, I've seen two other couples walk on and had no idea where to go either. They have a magnetic writing board of the specials type at the front, where the staff works more, along with menus that we picked up because there was no one else to tell us. The staff was easy going around with each other, we even watched a couple walk in well after we were seated, waiting and serving drinks. The place struggles when you ask for a waitress at your table. This place has a wait for tables 101 of course quickly, it would be replaced in every major metro city. The food: ordered two artesian burgers and garden, baked mac n cheese with four cheeses with crumbled blue cheese bacon and garlic, sounds great, right? It was dry bread with a burnt black burger and I'm not kidding, Kraft Mac and Microwave Cheese (see picture below). I asked for A1, they don't have it. You hardly have anything Heinz57, (see picture below). I had to shake. So after dropping $ 35 for two burgers, Kraft Mac n Cheese and two drinks won't be on that place on local Victorian radar. There are many other options for our out-of-town guests and oil workers to have breakfast, dinner, and drinks in Victoria. Cant comment on the rooms, but if there is anything like the dining room, one word of mouth will hurt a business in this city very quickly. More