What is a paper presentation contest

Klaus Tschira Foundation

Bodybuilder, Sisyphus or kinetic sculpture - these are just three tasks in this year's Explore Science student competition. Students in grades 5 to 13 of all secondary schools can register for the assignments starting today. At Explore Science, the natural science adventure days of the Klaus Tschira Foundation, everything revolves around the "human universe" from June 15 to June 19.

The students can choose from six tasks to tinker with. In the case of the “bodybuilder”, for example, the students have to build a spine with an outstretched arm that can support a weight of at least 400g. However, only paper, string and glue may be used for the construction.
Or who can build an apparatus that separates a mixture of three different types into its components within three minutes? The "Sisyphus" task also requires creativity and skill. "Sisyphus" a beverage can has to roll up an inclined plane, whereby the angle of the plane increases with each pass. Who can get high up?

During Explore Science, a jury will put the exhibits to the test from Wednesday to Friday. Attractive prizes await the winners of the competitions. The registration deadline for the student competition is April 30, 2016.

All information on the six tasks as well as the competition conditions can be found at www.explore-science.info/wettbewerbe.php. The Explore Science website also provides information on the kindergarten, elementary school and presentation competitions. Explore Science has competitions for all ages.

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