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Udayana University

I decided relatively late to do a semester abroad and at the beginning I didn't know where to go. I came across College Contact through a friend who was doing his semester abroad in Malaysia, where I found out about various countries. Unfortunately, my dream country New Zealand would have been way too expensive and so I decided for Bali decided because the stay abroad can be financed with BAföG abroad. Before I applied, I first clarified with my home university whether and which foreign subjects would be recognized for me, the result will then be in one Learning Agreement held and signed by both universities. Since this process can be very time consuming, it should be as early as possible deal with the learning agreement. The module manuals for the subjects at Udayana University can be found in English on the homepage of Studies Network downloaded. After signing up for College Contact, I was redirected to Studies Network, which is the organization that organizes the overseas program in Bali.

On the homepage you can apply for a study place of the organization, there you have to submit various documents, such as passport photo, certificate of enrollment, etc., in addition, a letter of motivation must be written, with me Stephanie at College Contact helped. After I was accepted, the somewhat stressful part began, so you had to do a lot Send documents to the university and also apply for his visa for Indonesia. These documents were partly the same, for example Parents guarantee, bank statement, return flight tickets, health certificate etc. Here you should start looking for the documents together as early as possible and, preferably, check ten times before sending them whether all the documents you have requested are included, because if even one thing is missing, you have to send it back and everything is delayed. In the meantime I have myself vaccinate let against diseases like hepatitis A and B, rabies and Japanese encephalitis. Bali does not have any vaccination requirements for entry, but it is always safe to get vaccinated against certain diseases, for this you can get vaccination advice from your family doctor. Some vaccinations are also covered by the health insurance company afterwards, so you should call the health insurance company and find out more.

After further tasks, such as applying for a credit card, which should also be done early, and foreign driver's license apply, then came mine visa and the official confirmation at Udayana University and so the formal things were done.

When looking for accommodation from Germany, Stephanie recommended that I to look for accommodation locallyto have a look at it before I make up my mind, so I booked a hotel for the first five days and took off.

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Arrival and beginning

After I got to the hotel, I ran some errands and one the next day Accommodation in Kuta visited. The accommodation was ok, but Kuta was very noisy and dirty and so I didn't feel like moving to this city and kept looking. So i can Do not recommend Kuta, also because the crime rate is very high. That day I was asked ten times if I wanted to buy weed and many students had incidents where cell phones were stolen. On the second day it was Studies Network introductory event on the beach of Jimbaran, Speeches are made there and you meet your class members, after a round of introductions there is a dinner together. Since I have heard that many students get together and move into villas together, I had hoped to find such an accommodation, but there I had to find out that most of them had already organized themselves into villas on Facebook or WhatsApp and that it is rather difficult to organize with other students on site. That evening I met three fellow students with whom I spent the entire semester. Since they had already booked accommodations for themselves, I had to keep looking and found one day later AirBnB an apartment building called "Bali Luxury Living“In Jimbaran. Since my new friends and the campus itself were in Jimbaran, it was perfect. After a viewing appointment, I booked it straight away, I had one there Apartment one room with private bathroom and shared kitchen, two other international students from another organization lived there with me. The apartment was very new and very clean, once a week was cleaned there and the owner, a French living in Bali, was very helpful and helped you with all matters.

After I found a place to stay, all I was missing was one Scooter. The traffic in Bali puts you off quickly and that's why I didn't want to drive a scooter at first, but then I made up my mind and it was that best decision, because without a scooter it is very difficult to get from A to B. The Rental prices are very cheap and you pay next to nothing for the tank. Anyone who still has concerns can use the apps "Gojek"Or"dig“Order a driver, either by car or scooter, and get around that way. That is very cheap, in contrast to German taxis you pay next to nothing, however that adds up over time and can be expensive, depending on how much you are on the road. That's why I recommend one to everyone Rent a scooter and drive it yourself, you get used to the traffic after a while and as long as you don't drive too fast, nothing can happen. It just does Fun to ride a scooter and discover the country. It is important to note that even a car driver's license does not entitle you to drive a scooter in Bali, as you need a motorcycle license there. Most of the police officers in Bali are corrupt, however, so you can bribe them if you are stopped. They usually charge too much, so you can bargain for them, you shouldn't give more than 100k rupiah.

The University

The Faculty of Studies Network is in Jimbaran in southern Bali, from my accommodation it was about five minutes on the scooter and 15 to 20 minutes on foot until then. There was one on the first day Introductory event, where all students of the program were there, regardless of whether they were Bachelor or Master, and on the second day they started lectures at which we are before Start of semester were divided into different classes. There was three bachelor classes and two master classes. I did bachelor's courses there, including subjects such as business management, marketing, Investment and FinanceHowever, there is also the possibility of taking additional master’s courses if it does not overlap with your own courses. The lectures are from Monday to Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to around 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m., depending on which courses you are all taking. The last event every Wednesday was always Guest lectures of organizations or people who live and work in Bali and talk about their activities. Thursdays are always there Excursions all over Baliorganized by Udayana University. Both the lectures and the excursions prevail mandatory attendanceThat is checked by signature lists that go around every hour. There is a Compulsory attendance of 75% in every event, otherwise you will not be admitted to the exams. There are two exams, one in the Middle of the semester (Mid-Term Exams), and the final exams on End of semester, both go into the final grade. In the semester itself you have to do some subjects Homework do and presentations hold. Regarding the content, you can say that everything very easy is, some professors do not speak English very well and are difficult to understand, but it is not a disadvantage for the exams as everything is in the scripts. The exams themselves are also relatively easy and you can always pass them.

At university you have enough breaks and a cafeteria for snacks and drinks, there is enough for lunch small restaurants in the neighborhood.

The only negative thing about the university is how it was organized Events only completely canceled at short notice or Excursions poorly organized. If you had a concern, it was only dealt with after repeated inquiries, which was relative time-consuming and nerve-consuming was. Also punctuality If Bali is not capitalized, a professor may be 15 to 30 minutes late, which is not the norm. However outweigh the positive properties more than the negative ones and therefore one can overlook them. Overall it was one very nice experience at Udayana University.

Life and travel

Life in Bali is just beautiful, no matter where you go, there is always something new to discover. Unfortunately, due to the large number of tourists much touristy built up, that means many Hotels, bars, cafes, etc, however there are also some places that are untouched

There is enough choice to eat in Bali, from very cheap to very expensive, especially as a student who has to survive three months there, the best places are Warungs, these are small local restaurants, where Indonesian but also partly western food for you very reasonable price Tobe offered. A plate of fried rice, vegetables and meat with a drink can cost two euros, but there are also price differences among the Warungs, so a dish like this can cost the equivalent of five euros in another Warung. The portions are unfortunately not always large, but since the prices are not that expensive, you can get two plates

The hygiene standards in Bali are not exactly high, so you can Do not drink tap waterMany accommodations have water dispensers that are regularly refilled and the water itself in Bali is not expensive. The streets are not always clean either, but they are cleaner than other Asian countries.

The people of Bali are very friendly and helpful, no matter where we were, the Locals always helped uswhen there were problems. Of course there are also black sheep, but they are in the minority. Despite a lack of English skills, they try to help you as much as possible. As most Balinese people very much devout Hindus is theirs Tradition is very important. So you will always find offerings on the street that you shouldn't step on and karma also plays a big role in your life, which is reflected in your friendliness. The Balinese simply live during the day, so it can be that a shopkeeper just sleeps behind the counter at lunchtime.

You can spend your free time in different ways, of course that is the most logical beaches. To the Surf or swim Bali simply offers the most beautiful beaches and waves, but if you're not a beach fan like me, there are enough alternatives. There are many Fitness studios and sports facilitieseasy to find on google. In the case of the fitness studios, it should be noted that this is geared towards the height of the Indonesians, but this does not pose any major problems. So at the very beginning I planned to do a lot of sport and eat healthily in Bali, but after a few weeks I discarded the plan because there are too many delicious dishes that you cannot always pay attention to your calories.
Apart from the sporting activities you can just always take your scooter and explore the island, therefore a scooter is highly recommended, there are many Sunset Pointswhere you can watch the sunset with other people. These are just a few activities for the week.

Since, as mentioned, the lectures, including the excursions, only run from Monday to Thursday, there are three days off. These can either be used to party or to travel, which I personally prefer. As for partying, some students organize sometimes House parties in their villas, these are really fun and also tend to escalate the later it gets, and you also get to know new people there, with whom you have nothing to do at university. If there isn't a house party on a weekend, then there is still enough clubs and bars, where you can enjoy the famous party life of Bali. The most famous club at the time was that La Favela.

I preferred to travel. So not only Bali, but also the surrounding islands offer more than you can imagine. So we did a scooter tour on a weekend Ubud made, around the middle of Bali, there you can see beautiful Rice terraces, Temples and waterfalls admire. Another day we have the island Nusa Penida visited, you can get there cheaply with a speedboat, but you have to be careful when driving a scooter, as the roads are not yet developed. In the middle of the semester you have two weeks semester breakin which everyone travels. When traveling, you should make your own plan of what you want to see and don't allow yourself to be dissuaded. So I really wanted them Komodo islands see, but no one was found who wanted to come with me, so I packed my things and went on my own. There I met other Germans with whom I then explored the islands. The Komodo Islands were mine personal highlightThat is why it is important to always go through with it and to go out on your own from time to time if you have to. On the trip you will always get to know new people with whom you will experience a new adventure.

Besides the islands, Indonesia also offers many volcanoesthat you can climb, that's how I have it Mount Batur in Bali and the Ijen on Java climbed, which is the only volcano on earth with blue fire. Traveling in Bali is too attractively pricedas the domestic flights are very cheap. Overall, for me personally, traveling in Indonesia was the best part of the whole semester abroad and I can only recommend it to everyone, just go ahead.


Overall, my semester abroad in Bali was the best decision and also the best time of my life so far. Of course there were sometimes difficulties and in the middle of the semester, experience has shown that every time the air is out, but that changes when it comes to the end. Bali offers so much more than just the tourist attractions, you learn new cultures, new people, beautiful landscapes and so on. I can really recommend to everyoneto do this semester abroad at Udayana University, not just because of the studies, but because of the unique life experiencethat you collect along the way.