What was your favorite moment at Coachella

Mark Sovel takes photos on the Coachella with the Lomo LC-A +


Mark Sovel took his favorite small picture camera, the Lomo LC-A +, with the wide-angle lens and the Colorsplash Flash to the Coachella Festival and took pictures of Beth Ditto and Devo.

“Mr. Shovel ”(Mark Sovel) is the former music director of LA's now defunct (and above all missing) Indie 103.1, where he also DJed the local show“ Check One… Two ”and produced“ Jonesy's Jukebox ”with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols . Sovel switched to Rogue Radio and continues to be involved in the LA music scene. He's a fan of Lomography and took his Lomo LC-A + with the "wide-angle lens: http://shop.lomography.com/lc-a-wide-angle-lens" and the Colorsplash Flash plus a few packs of films to the biggest party the southern California desert .... the Coachella. Check out his pictures from the festival weekend!

SURNAME Mark Sovel
CITY los Angeles
COUNTRYUnited States

How long have you been a Lomographer?
A friend gave me a classic LC-A over 10 years ago and I got to try it out a bit. I recently remembered when he invited me to a Diana workshop on Santa Monica Boulevard ...... Taking pictures with the LC-A + on the Coachella was a very creative experience. I'm excited!

Describe the LC-A + in five words.
A surprise in every picture.

Describe the Coachella in five words.
Tribal Pow Wow with bands.

The craziest, funniest, or simply the greatest photographic / lomographic encounter you've ever had.
I ran into Devo when they were about to go on stage, so I immediately started taking pictures. They had new suits made of reflective material, and Mark Motherbaugh wanted to see what the suits with lightning would look like. I showed him the back of the camera and told him I was shooting with film. He was amazed. You see the pictures in the slideshow, the suits look like they were made of light.

Which three songs would you associate the pictures shown here with? If they are artists from the Coachella Festival, you will get plus points.

  • Devo - Peek A Boo
  • Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (The song went perfectly with the location that night.)
  • Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place (yes, Thom Yorke played the acoustic version that I heard as I drove through Joshua Tree).

How many plus points do I get?

Looks like you got backstage access too! What was your favorite moment behind the scenes?
Yes, I was very lucky. I excitedly took a few pictures of The Specials after their performance and Lynval came over to me, took my hand and shouted: “Heeyy man, you are one of my heroes!”…. He thought I was Josh Homme to play next. There was also a moment in the corridor between the fences when I showed my Lomo to a friend and he took a picture of me, a security man asked me to step aside and there were Jay-Z and Beyonce - a finger's breadth from the security away. I tried to take a picture right away, of course, but the film hadn't advanced yet. I missed this scene! ARGH!

If you could take the LC-A + anywhere with a sack full of films, where would you go, what would you do and why?
I would take a big sack of films and tour all of Europe. I would start in the north. There is so much of Europe that I haven't seen before. The beauty, the culture and the history, as an American, always make me feel so humble. Then I would do the Forest Gump and travel all over the world.

What are the three best albums or bands coming out this year?
Personally, I'm looking forward to the new songs from LA's Autolux and Shadow Shadow Shade. I hope there will be an album by lo Echo and Love Grenades. Other LA bands that I hear a lot are Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Best Coast, Warpaint and Fool’s Gold. We can expect good songs from Natives, Avi Buffalo and The Henry Clay People. I love Surfer Blood from Miami and Beach House from Baltimore. My favorite bands over the past 6 months have been The XX and Little Dragon. It goes without saying that the new Radiohead and Arcade Fire album will live on my car stereo. And I think Little Boots is going to become a famous pop star. But that was more than three now, wasn't it?

Which person, dead or alive, would you like to photograph?
Jesus because I could make a lot of money with it. Don't worry, I wouldn't let anyone make souvenir towels with them or anything.

What is the difference between analog and digital?
The heat. The organic process of light that physically affects small particles simply cannot be digitally mimicked.

Your advice to future LC-A + owners.
You can learn from mistakes. Remember to change the film speed after you load a new film. If you're changing roles in the dark, grab a flashlight and see the film's speed. Check your focus regularly, often unintentionally changing it. When Jay-Z and Beyonce walk past you, make sure the film has advanced so you don't miss this scene too.

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