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The best 18 YouTube channels for entrepreneurs

If you're an entrepreneur, chances are you're open to big ideas - and always looking for new sources of inspiration. One of the best ways to get fresh ideas as an entrepreneur is to take a look at the most exciting and original YouTube channels on business. These are the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs right now, as well as some of the reasons you should follow them.

1. The Google Business Channel

This channel connects the resources of the gigantic Google corporation with the reality of countless small companies. Here you can watch real small businesses and entrepreneurs overcome challenges and grow their businesses, both with and without Google Tools. This channel is a great source for tips, hacks, and advice, and also helps small businesses network and gain reach.

2. Marie Forleo - Marie TV

Just check out which YouTube channels entrepreneurs are watching and you'll hear the name Marie Forleo over and over again. She seems funny, amiable and authentic and has earned her large number of followers: by providing valuable advice on living and working in an entertaining way that viewers can really relate to. With over 410,000 followers, Forleo has one of the largest following among the channels on this list. At Marie TV, viewers can expect inspiring interviews as well as learn how to build a meaningful business, increase productivity, and overcome the barriers of being an entrepreneur. Their mission and motto: to help you "create a business and life that you love."


At GEDANKENtanken the name says it all, because this channel is teeming with food for thought and stimulating impulses. At GEDANKENtanken you can listen to brilliant lectures by solid experts in their respective fields and thus discover the secrets of communication, motivation, self-confidence and much more. If you want to experience the whole thing live, you should definitely attend one of the GEDANKENtanken speaker nights.

GEDANKENtanken explained to us: “There are so many hurdles and stumbling blocks that every entrepreneur - regardless of the industry - encounters time and again. This is exactly where we can help: With the knowledge and experience of so many experts, entrepreneurs and self-employed people, you can bypass these barriers much faster and you are also given ideas that you would otherwise not have come up with. Because continuous inspiration is vital in the life of an entrepreneur! Our tip for entrepreneurs: lectures about entrepreneurship, digitization and leadership (to name just a few important ones) must become a daily routine for you! You have to keep yourself constantly up to date and soak up knowledge. "

4. EntrepreneurshipTV

EntrepreneurshipTV is the YouTube channel of the Entrepreneurship Foundation and the top expert for entrepreneurship in Germany and the author of the bestseller “Head Beats Capital”, Prof. Günter Faltin. On this channel, entrepreneurs will find a wide range of supportive material that will help them with setting up and being an entrepreneur. In addition to the videos, there is also an annual Entrepreneurship Summit, which supports entrepreneurs with suitable methods and techniques in developing a well-thought-out business concept.

EntrepreneurshipTV is often asked how a founder can find the right business model and how one - even without being a genius - can develop a well-engineered business model. Her answers to these questions are as follows: “Find out where your talents and abilities lie. What do you find easy? Then develop your business model, your entrepreneurial design, around these strengths. This will give you the stamina you need to get your business off to a successful start and will most likely also contribute to the competitive advantage that you will hopefully achieve. You don't have to be a genius to start a business successfully. Rather, it depends on a systemic elaboration of the entrepreneurial design. For this purpose, Prof. Günter Faltin presented techniques and methods in his books in an understandable way. If you are more visually inclined, you will find good help in the book 'Found the Right One' by Patrick Stähler. "

5. TED

TEDTalks has always been famous for showcasing a collection of great ideas from the world's greatest thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs. This channel offers pure inspiration by curating the lectures from TED conferences and presenting them in video form. This is a fantastic channel for general inspiration and deep thought.

6. 5 ideas

Dave Brych and the team from “5 Ideen” have made it their business to spread the ideas and knowledge of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and thus support you on your way to success. In his videos, they present the 5 best ideas from the works of great entrepreneurs, authors and thinkers in an entertaining and aptly summarized manner. If you want to know more, you should listen to the accompanying “5 Ideas” podcast, where the topics are examined in more detail.

We asked Brych which question he comes across most often when talking to entrepreneurs: “I think the most common question is' How much money do I need? 'Or' How do I get money? 'And the answer to that is actually always' What for do you need the money? 'It is incredibly difficult to raise money. Therefore, ask yourself: How much money do you currently have and what can you do with it? Can you maybe try out your idea on a small scale first? The main thought should be: How can I achieve my goal with the smallest possible budget? In addition, you should make sure that you really start 'lean'. That means that you don't rent a large office straight away and start working with freelancers. With these methods you can already compensate a lot and then the question of money doesn't even arise. "

7. David Siteman Garland / The Rise to the Top

This channel is ideal for "media preneurs" and others who want to build up their online presence. For anyone who makes or sells digital products or services online, this is a great channel that has a lot of easy-to-use advice. It is also a useful resource for those who simply want more online presence and want to learn how to successfully attract visitors.

8. Roberto Blake - Always Be Creating

For Roberto Blake, “Always Be Creating” is much more than just the name of his channel. It is his mission and a guiding principle. If you visit his channel, you will see that he adheres to his motto in each of his daily videos. Blake's mission is to talk about being a creative entrepreneur. So his main focus is on graphic design, social media, photography, unboxing videos, vlogs and similar topics. In fact, his work is really useful to any creative entrepreneur, especially those who want to take concrete steps to make a living from their work.

Blake explains, “Being a creative entrepreneur is just different. You have to balance your art and craft with the challenges of a company. I help people develop technical skills and creative thinking, but I also talk about practical things, such as how to do business or how to be creative with customers. The channel covers everything from tech and useful tools to tactics while offering encouragement and advice. "

For Blake, mentoring is key to being an entrepreneur, and he is giving that kind of support to others. Join Blake's 259,000 or so followers on YouTube for actionable advice on a variety of business topics.

9. Y Combinator

This channel is a must for anyone interested in startups. But it can also be extremely valuable for entrepreneurs who want to run their business in a clever way. Here you will find videos explaining how to build and run a startup, as well as podcasts with guests like Elon Musk and Anu Hariharan. There are also short videos on business topics and startups from entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and from Y-combinator conferences that showcase the latest unicorn startups.

10. Chase Jarvis

In fact, there are three channels in one behind Chase Jarvis. "The Daily Creative" aims to answer questions about topics such as creativity, career and life the way you want to live it. “CjLIVE” offers interviews with some of the most exciting innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives in the world. And “cjRAW” is ultimately the place for everything that the other two don't cover, especially when it comes to energy, drive and the creative spark.

11. Robin Sharma

With clients such as General Electric, Microsoft, Nike and as the author of the 15 best-selling books on corporate governance, Robin Sharma is a luminary in the business world. His YouTube channel has a lot to offer entrepreneurs. In a sense, Sharma's focus is on self-help advice for businesses. His general message is that if you are passionate about it and do your best, fame and success will follow naturally. Its 252,000 subscribers make it clear that this message reaches the people.

12. Jason Calacanis - This Week in Startups

"This Week in Startups", moderated by the entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, is a weekly get-together of a changing group of guests who discuss news from the world of startups and online companies. Calacanis is fun, smart, and honest. Together with his guests, he offers everyone who is interested in the startup, business or tech sector a variety of exciting opinions that make them think.

13. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a management consultant and investor with an extremely popular book club, free Book-Of-The-Day email newsletter, and podcasts that reach tens of thousands of people. Lopez offers advice on wealth, health, happiness, and love. He also developed a “Business Mentorship” program as an alternative to the traditional business school for people who do not want to waste time or money. In his so-called “67 Steps” he recently summarized everything he has learned from his mentors over the years for his followers.

14. Bryan Elliott - Behind the Brand

Behind this show is exactly what the name says: Bryan Elliott interviews company founders, startups, C-suite managers, YouTube gurus and many others to find out what is going on behind the scenes of their companies and brands. The show features detailed, open-minded portraits of key figures in the business world, in a way that delivers real, useful business insights. Don't be fooled by the (slightly) smaller number of followers of around 75,000; this is a dedicated, engaged audience for a very targeted channel.

15. Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi does what worries many of us: an effortless, natural appearance in front of the camera (or the audience). This, along with her fun tips on education, marketing, and especially video, makes her channel accessible and useful for anyone looking to promote their own business. "My channel's mission is to make marketing, business and branding easier for entrepreneurs of all kinds," says Lenarduzzi. “I started my channel to answer my clients' questions about social media and I had no intention of building a fan base. But I quickly realized the need for this type of content, and more and more people were finding my videos every week. "

One of their core messages is to create a connection between your target audience and your authentic identity. This message is part of each of their videos, and a central idea that viewers can take away from it. Lenarduzzi told 99designs, “I think if you intend to help, your content will reach more people than you can imagine. How do you want to influence people and why are you doing what you are doing? Answer these two questions for yourself every day and the rest will follow. "

16. Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a smaller, but still global, community of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other business people. The purpose of the YouTube channel is to connect all members of the community so that they can learn from each other. The channel offers discussions between entrepreneurs from different industries who share each other's experiences and knowledge. In addition, Startup Grind’s monthly events help to connect entrepreneurs all over the world - and those who cannot take part at least have the opportunity to watch the videos afterwards.

17. Entrepreneur Online

Entrepreneur Online is the Entrepreneur Magazine's YouTube channel and offers interviews, podcasts, video features with graphics and much more content that perfectly matches the style of the magazine, but is even more effective in video form. Here is a mix of news, food for thought, growth strategies, and expert advice that you can easily apply to your own business.

18. Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck is a person who just can't sit still - but that's a positive thing on YouTube. On this channel, the author, expert and business guru offers advice and strategies on social media and marketing, and answers viewer questions in Q&A videos. Vaynerchuk can seem a little rough at times, but what the heck! He talks like a normal guy - until you listen carefully to what he has to say and see that his advice can actually help you make your business a success.

Take a look and let yourself be inspired

I hope you found one or the other of these top YouTube channels for entrepreneurs to inspire you on your path to success. Each of these channels offer a whole host of unique reasons to keep an eye on them. At a time when countless companies are striving to get to the top and entrepreneurs often lack orientation, these channels offer advice that you can really implement. And who knows, maybe they'll inspire you so much that you start your own channel! Then the next time we make a list of the best YouTubers, your channel could be on it too.

What is your favorite YouTube channel to watch? Tell us in the comments!