Is Instagram music available in India

Instagram Reels: No music function for companies at the TikTok rival

France, Germany, Brazil and India came first, and now Austria is finally getting involved. Instagram activated the TikTok competitor Reels as a new feature in its app on Wednesday night. Users should now be able to shoot and publish funny videos similar to Trump's new favorite enemy from China.

Reels (in German about "film roles") is about hidden. To use the function, you have to open the Instagram story camera (no, not the square main camera) and choose “Reels” instead of “Story”. Then you can shoot clips up to 15 seconds long and add sound, effects and other things like AR filters. In contrast to the stories, the videos are so-called multiclips. So you can plug together several video snippets (also from the smartphone memory) to a video and overlay songs from the music library.

Music licenses for private users only

Now the music function is an essential part of Reels - but only available for private users. The numerous corporate accounts cannot access the music library. "We do not allow the use of music in a commercial setting," says Facebook. There are licensing reasons for this. As with commercials on TV, companies would have to license songs for commercials separately, but on Instagram the music is only available to private users. Influencers, who like to advertise products from paying customers, are definitely a gray area.

Instagram is also trying to emulate the TikTok algorithm a little with Reels. Because TikTok also lives from the fact that users can make their videos known even if they have no followers (Trending Topics reported). Facebook says: “You can share reels with your subscribers and be discovered by the large and diverse Instagram community on Explore.” Small accounts in particular are not completely dependent on their reach in the stories and in the feed.