What does ROFL

What does ROFL mean? The meaning of the abbreviation explained


In numerous Internet forums, users comment on memes or funny comments with "ROFL". We'll tell you what the abbreviation means and how you can use it correctly yourself.

What does "ROFL" mean?

The abbreviation ROFL is an acronym from English and stands for "Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing", which means something like "rolling on the floor laughing". So ROFL is always a reaction to something funny. The user thinks something is so funny that it rolls metaphorically across the floor. ROFL is a step up from LOL. To put it figuratively, the abbreviation "XD" is also very suitable.

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So if someone posts a funny picture or a funny saying on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, you can comment underneath with ROFL. It doesn't matter whether you write the abbreviation in upper or lower case.

"ROFL": The abbreviation and its meaning

ROLF is so popular on the Internet that another version of the abbreviation has established itself, the "Roflcopter". This comes from a Blizzard mod for WarCraft III and was used there with great success in a user forum. Reference was made to the "gyrocopter" used in the game. Meanwhile, both the ROFL and the Roflcopter are used in numerous forums.

However, you always have to look in the context first to see whether the abbreviation has just been used seriously or ironically. Because after the success of ROFL, it has been used so inflationarily that many - like YOLO too - now only use it ironically.

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