Can antibiotics cure conjunctivitis

Do not underestimate conjunctivitis

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Redness, itching, burning or sticky eyes after waking up: conjunctivitis is unpleasant and in Germany the most common reason for an ophthalmologist visit.

If a pathogen penetrates the tear film of the eye, the conjunctiva reacts with inflammation.

The conjunctiva is a mucous membrane and ensures that the eye remains mobile. It wets the eye with a tear film. In addition, there are many immune cells on the conjunctiva that render pathogens harmless. If a pathogen penetrates the tear film, the conjunctiva reacts with inflammation. Bacterial conjunctivitis is particularly common. Bacteria get into the eyes, for example, through unclean hands or with contact lenses.

How can conjunctivitis be treated?

Many conjunctivitis heal on their own after a few days. Nevertheless, you should definitely see a doctor with anything that goes beyond a slight reddening of the eyes. Only he can clarify whether the disease is serious or not. In rare cases, conjunctivitis is a symptom of another disease. For example, the glaucoma manifests itself through reddened conjunctiva. An infection of the retina or an inflammation of the iris can be behind what appears to be a harmless conjunctivitis. A rheumatic disease, a thyroid malfunction or a lack of tear fluid can also trigger conjunctivitis.

B.acterial infection and viral conjunctivitis

In the case of a bacterial infection, the German Ophthalmological Society recommends tear replacement fluid and morning eye cleaning. To do this, soak a cotton ball in boiled, lukewarm water and carefully wipe the edges of the eyelids from the outside in. If that doesn't help, an antibiotic is prescribed. Very important: The patient has to take the antibiotic long enough - even after the symptoms have subsided another 3 to 4 days, because there are still a few bacteria that can continue to multiply and also become resistant to the antibiotic.
In the case of an allergy, an antiallergic drug usually helps. As with other allergies, contact with the allergenic substance should be avoided.

For the therapy of viral conjunctivitis there is an antiviral eye ointment and antiviral drops. However, these drugs must be used early. Once the viruses have multiplied, treatment is difficult. The disease can then drag on for several weeks.

Tear substitute for irritated eyes

If the eye is irritated by too much work on the computer, the person concerned should blink actively and not rub their eyes. As a result, the tear film is only roughened and permeable to bacteria. In this case, too, tear substitutes that the patient drips into the eye can help.

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