How often do Ferraris burn

Up in flames on the A13: "I received the call that my Ferrari was on fire"


On Saturday morning a Ferrari burned down on the A13 near Sevelen SG. 20 minutes spoke to the driver - and the owner of the car.

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A sports car caught fire on the A13 near Sevelen SG in the direction of Buchs. The St. Gallen canton police confirm the observation of several news scouts: It is a Ferrari.

Nobody was injured in the fire, the driver (31) and his co-driver (31) were able to escape from the car in time. During the extinguishing work by the local fire brigade, there were temporary obstructions in traffic, but the route did not have to be closed. Meanwhile, the scene of the accident has been cleared. The forensics competence center of the St. Gallen canton police was called in to clarify the cause of the fire. There was property damage of over 100,000 francs, as the police say.

"You won't find a model like this so quickly any more"

For 20 minutes, he spoke to the 31-year-old who was behind the wheel: “It all happened very quickly. Suddenly I saw a bright light in the rearview mirror. " He immediately stopped on the hard shoulder. «My passenger and I got out soon. There was smoke everywhere and the car burned up within minutes. "

The Ferrari F430 belongs to a colleague (30). The 30-year-old was driving a different car that day. "I drove ahead, my colleagues were behind me in the Ferrari." Suddenly he no longer saw her in the rearview mirror. "They called me and said the Ferrari was on fire."

The 30-year-old doesn't know how the fire broke out. "The car was in top condition and was serviced regularly." He says sadly: “It was a very special F430: manual gearshift and everything made of carbon. You won't find a model like this so quickly anymore. It was unique. " The damage amounts to over 160,000 francs, says the 30-year-old. But he is happy that his colleagues are doing well. "That's the most important."