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Do it yourself vehicle coding

Your Coding the vehicle yourself is no longer rocket science these days. With the right tools, a little know-how and a basic technical understanding, you can do this without any problems. With a little practice you can conjure up very cool features from your vehicle. But be careful ... you shouldn't overdo it or rearrange features in such a way that there are problems with the operational safety of the car.

How can I code my car myself? To be able to code your car yourself you need an adapter which usually costs around 150 €. Often, however, there are also the costs for certain cables or readout devices, which cost around € 30 upwards, depending on where you buy them. In addition, the codings are very complicated and this takes hours of research. The Carly app offers an alternative. This allows you to do all coding from the comfort of your own home for just over € 100.

But we also show you the dangers of coding yourself and the one or other trick to code better.

Old car - new design

If you've been driving a vehicle for a while, you may feel the need to give it a new look. By coding some new features, you get a whole new driving experience. You get into the car and you might be greeted by a new color concept or you can give the speakers a new sound. Turn on the sports display and get information about power and torque in red on the display. Or or or. With small changes you can already achieve a really different feeling when getting in and driving. So treat yourself to a little change every now and then.

What can I code?

The possibilities are almost limitless. Of course, each vehicle type has its own settings and coding options. Your vehicle can do so much more than what is set by default on delivery - countless individual settings can be made from the interior lighting to the warnings and sensors for light or rain. Very often there are up to ten different options per area. You can deal with that for a while.

Let's take navigation as a specific example. Everyone has different ideas and preferences as to what the navigation system should display. One person wants a female voice, the other a male voice. Some people find it annoying when suggestions are made about tank stops, for others it is a great help. When it comes to navigation alone, hundreds of settings can be adjusted. It is best to first get an overview of the possibilities with your vehicle and then gradually go into the points that are important to you.

You should perhaps start with simpler settings at the beginning and gradually work your way up to the master league. A suggestion to start with is the speedometer lighting, the window lifters or the temperature settings for the seat heating. You can't go wrong here and still bring in your individuality.

You need the right tool

In order to code your baby yourself, you need technical aids. Please do not get the idea of ​​trying to code your car with any black copy of dubious software. This can be very dangerous for you if something doesn't work as it should (e.g. airbags). Only uses licensed products. From our point of view, the Carly app is recommended here. An app for your smartphone with the help of which you can easily and legally access the coding of your vehicle. Simply install the Carly app on your mobile phone, connect the OBD scanner (on-board diagnosis) to your vehicle and off you go. You not only have the option to code the car yourself, but also to use various analysis and diagnostic tools. The OBD scanner is an adapter that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It can be used for all supported car brands and is available for both iOS and Android. And you can start with the individual coding.

What can all be coded?

The possibilities are endless and of course depend primarily on the type of vehicle and the equipment purchased. Let's take the here as an example Mini F60. Similarly, there are certainly similar functions for your vehicle type. Below are some of the many areas and setting options:

Active sound design

With this function you can set whether you want to have an amplified engine noise in the interior, which is reproduced via the loudspeakers.


How often should your turn signal blink when you tap it briefly? Should the blinker blink when unlocking or locking the vehicle 1, 2, 3 or not at all? Should the blinker flash in the event of an alarm or not?

Window regulator

How should the window regulator behave in different situations? Should the windows be closed when the door is opened? Should the window regulator stop when the door is opened? Should the windows be closed again after entering? And so on. As you can see, even with a supposedly simple topic like the window regulator, you can try out many different ways.

Rain light sensor

The sensor for the light (automatic switch-on) and the rain (start of the windshield wiper) can also be set. The options for the Mini F60 are: very sensitive, sensitive, normal, insensitive, daytime running lights and standard. Just try out several variations until you find the one that suits you best.

Washer fluid

With regard to the windshield washer system, you can code various options. When do you want to be reminded, for example, that the mop water is running out? How often should the windshield wiper move after being switched on and how long should the individual wash cycles be? From what vehicle speed should the windshield wiper speed be reduced? Or else: Should the rear window wiper always run when reversing? You don't even think what you can set up on the subject of cleaning and windshield wipers. And this was only an excerpt - there are many other variants. Simply work your way gradually through the clear menu of the Carly app.

Seat belt reminder

There are a myriad of setting options for seat belt reminders. But please be careful and responsible when doing this. Even if the memory of wearing the belt might annoy you, you should refrain from switching it off completely. For this you can set, for example, that the system only reminds you after driving 500 or 1,000 meters or from a speed of 20 km / h. Hopefully by then you will have put on the belt anyway. You could also set the alarm to only last 5 seconds and not annoy you for two minutes.

Most of you will surely want to turn off the seat belt warning when the ignition is switched on or when you unbuckle your seat belt. The main thing is that you always think about everyone's safety first and then decide which functions make sense for you and which do not.

These examples should show you what is possible. There are around 50 menu items and countless sub-items that can be accessed. But be careful ... it can also be dangerous.

What are the dangers to be considered when coding your vehicle yourself?

The settings also include sensitive options that can have an impact on driving safety. Has the seat belt reminder been switched off completely? Has the acoustic signal from the central locking system been deactivated? Have settings been made that lead to constant error messages and thus distract the driver?

Have attempts possibly been made to influence the odometer reading or to make other illegal settings? Of course, this is not to be recommended. Never put your life and that of others at risk just to be cooler!

The video / DVD function is also one of these sensitive settings. In theory, you can set that video and DVD can always be played. However, this can also be restricted for security reasons. It is possible to set the video playback so that it only runs when, for example, the handbrake is on, the car is stationary or a maximum speed of 8 km / h.

Of course, we advise against watching videos or DVDs as the driver while driving. But it can be that you have a co-driver who would like to see something. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Surely it's okay to watch a movie while in a traffic jam. However, safety must always have priority.

It is also important to ensure that you do not violate the road traffic regulations with any settings or code things that could have a negative impact on the manufacturer's guarantee. So if you want to change something supposedly sensitive, please inform yourself beforehand.

Workshop resets everything to the factory settings

A little tip last: When you bring your car to the workshop, it can unfortunately happen that all settings there are reset to the standard factory settings. The best thing to do is to address the issue when you hand in the vehicle and ask to keep the individual settings. In the event that this is not possible, it would be helpful if you made notes about your settings so that everything can quickly be set back to the desired options.


Coding yourself is fun. Even coding brings individuality. Practically everyone can code with the Carly app. Please always pay attention to the safety of everyone in the car. We wish you a lot of fun coding your “hot sled” yourself. It will surely give you even more pleasure afterwards, because who doesn't like a tailor-made, fully individualized, personal vehicle?