Do people know who FRED DELUCA was

Subway praised its founder in a statement on Tuesday as a “franchise visionary”. In 1965 DeLuca opened his fast food restaurant "Pete's Super Submarines" in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

Frederick DeLuca grew up in a council flat in Brooklyn, New York. He opened the restaurant in 1965 on loan from a friend of his parents' named Pete. “Pete's Super Submarines” was quickly successful because the portions were large, the prices small and the advertising good. In America, baguettes are called submarine or sub for short.

Just one year later, DeLuca and Pete Buck founded “Doctor's Associates Inc” (DAI), which still owns the trademark rights to this day. The sandwiches have been sold under the name Subway since 1968 - sub for sandwich, way for on the go.

From 1974, when there were 17 quick service restaurants in the USA, expansion began with the help of the franchise system. The restaurant owners use the logo and concept, but are otherwise completely independent.

DeLuca managed Subway's business until the end of June despite his illness diagnosed in 2013. Only then did he put the reins in his sister's hand, Suzanne Greco.

She is now at the top of a chain with 44,270 subway stores in 110 countries. Sales last year were just under $ 12 billion. The number of restaurants is higher than that of McDonald's. There are around 30 sales outlets in Switzerland.

Subway has managed to advertise itself as a healthy alternative to burgers with the slogan “Eat Fresh” - although soft drinks, chips and biscuits are also on offer.

Published: 16.09.2015, 1:19 p.m.
Last updated: October 1, 2018, 3:42 am