Which fitness app should I check out

The 10 best fitness apps for your workout

Pros and cons of fitness apps

Fitness apps can aid your workout, but they don't just offer benefits. We give you an overview.


  • Thanks to the free / inexpensive download, you save yourself a membership in the fitness studio.
  • Many fitness apps offer the option of starting your workout on your doorstep. All you need is a smartphone, possibly headphones and a smartphone strap.
  • Thanks to various tracking functions, training performances are recorded and evaluated. Progress and performance success are made transparent to the athlete.
  • Reminder functions motivate you to exercise regularly.
  • disadvantage

  • Lack of control: Incorrect execution of training methods and exercises quickly leads to injuries, which can also cause long-term damage. Before use, you should read the descriptions carefully and observe the relevant information.
  • Lack of data protection: Many apps require you to provide personal data. You can find more information and tips on using apps at the consumer advice center.
  • What makes a good fitness app?

    It's clear: a fitness app should have more advantages than disadvantages. But how do I recognize a good sports app? These are important points:

  • You can use the app to do a fitness test or a check-up before you start training. The benefit: The training is adapted to your fitness level.
  • The app allows you to set a training goal or plan.
  • The exercises are precisely explained or shown with video instructions.
  • You can adjust the training intensity individually.
  • The app offers warm-up and cool-down units.
  • The price-performance ratio is transparent.
  • Information on data protection is easy to understand and transparent.
  • display

    Here's How You Can Get Success With Fitness Apps

    Not every fitness app is suitable for every (hobby) athlete. The following tips can help you when choosing and using an app:

  • Are you a complete beginner or are you starting to train again after a long break? Then consult a doctor or trainer before starting training. This can help you determine your fitness level and prevent overtraining.
  • Set your goals: strength, endurance, weight loss, freedom from pain or something similar.
  • Think about which features an app needs to have in order for your training to be successful: App with community, training plan, type of exercise or the like.
  • Test different apps in the basic version before you commit.
  • Have you decided on an app? Then establish a training plan and use the app regularly. This is the only way to establish a fitness routine that will hopefully lead to success.
  • Our 10 favorite apps

    Can't see the success of the sport because of all the fitness apps? We bring clarity to the jumble of apps and introduce you to our favorites from the areas of endurance, strength / full-body training and weight reduction. Perhaps your new favorite app is also included.


    Are you a passionate runner, cyclist or skier? Then the following sports apps can help you train your endurance.


    Passionate runners say that running is addictive - this is especially true with the right running apps.

    One of these ambitious runners is Thomas Pier, who writes about running and the necessary equipment on his blog "Harlerunner". As an early adopter, he shares his experiences with his readers using a variety of fitness tracking devices.

    He uses the Strava app on his smartphone, which he describes as “runner Facebook”. Training methods are published, liked, shared and commented on here. In addition, competitions and challenges can be announced in which the athletes can compete against each other. Whether via iPhone or Android: the activities of all devices used are recorded, synchronized and saved by an activity feed.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Costs: none upon conclusion of the basic account. Strava Premium costs 7.99 euros per month.
  • Target group: Runners and cyclists
  • Therefore top: Thanks to the networking with other athletes, users get access and information on the most popular and most competitive routes and segments in their area or on vacation and encourage each other to perform at their best.
  • Download:strava.com
  • Runkeeper

    With Runkeeper you can track your running routes and prepare for runs or a marathon. But not only runners get their money's worth. In the app you can choose from a selection of around 12 sports. Friends and training partners can follow your training sessions live using "Live Tracking".

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Costs: The basic version is free of charge. Runkeeper Go costs 9.99 euros per month (includes, among other things, live tracking and training plans).
  • Target group: Runners, cyclists, swimmers, skaters and many more
  • Therefore top: With Runkeeper you can precisely record every route, whether as a runner, cyclist or swimmer. In-app challenges provide more motivation. With Runkeeper you can train specifically for competitions like a marathon.
  • Download:runkeeper.com
  • Nike Run Club

    Nike Run Club offers you a selection of training plans, guided runs with audio coaching and everything you need to track your progress. Owners of an Apple Watch get their money's worth, because Nike Run Club is optimized for the Smartwatch.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Costs: the use of the app is completely free of charge.
  • Target group: runner
  • Therefore top: Nike Rund Club is one of the few fitness apps that are completely free of charge. The audio-guided runs and community challenges ensure variety.
  • Download:nike.com/de/nrc-app
  • Have you found the right endurance app for you? Then you still need the right running clothing or cycling clothing. Here is a little foretaste from our shop:

    Strength and full body training

    HIIT workouts, yoga or Pilates - you don't necessarily have to go to the gym for full body training. We introduce you to the best fitness apps.


    With Freeletics to the Adonis body: The app offers a selection of different work-out variations, which aptly bear the names of Greek deities. The focus is on high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT).

    Freeletics expert Christian Wenzel informs his readers about the principle of the app in his blog vegan-freeletics and offers help, motivation and inspiration. Beginners as well as advanced users will find the right articles here.

    “Freeletics is a sport whose exercises are performed with your own body weight. Well-known exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, squats, etc. have been easily redesigned and various workouts have been created from them. This makes it very flexible and can be completed anywhere. "
  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Target group: Beginners to advanced who only want to train flexibly with their own body weight.
  • Costs: The basic version is free. For the categories Training Coach, Mindset Coach and Nutrition Coach there are premium subscriptions that can be booked from 2.68 euros per month (with a three-month term for Training Coach).
  • Therefore top: Freeletics offers varied training that can be tailored to you personally. The workouts are short and demanding and are ideal for training at home. The app offers different training programs and plans.
  • Download:freeletics.com/de
  • Seven - 7-minute workout

    Fit in seven minutes? This is the promise of the 7-minute workout developed by sports scientists Brett Klika and Chris Jordan from the Human Performance Institute. You do twelve bodyweight exercises a day for 30 seconds each, with a ten-second break in between. There are various apps for the fitness trend. One of them is Seven - in addition to the exercises, it offers voice prompts and a timer.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Target group: People who already have some fitness experience and want to enrich their training quickly and easily. Complete beginners should first perform the exercises more slowly and pay attention to a clean execution.
  • Costs: The app is completely free.
  • Therefore top: Do you train at home for free and improve your fitness with just seven minutes of work per day? The Seven app offers full-body training in mini format, with which you can still achieve success.
  • Download:seven.app
  • Asana Rebel

    Fitness for mind and body - that's what Asana Rebel promises. The app offers yoga workouts, meditations, and even music to help you focus. Asana Rebel has a wide range of workouts in different levels of difficulty and categories in the program.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Target group: Yoga beginners and advanced practitioners who are interested in training strength and flexibility.
  • Costs: The basic version is free. The three months subscription is available from 12.66 euros per month.
  • Therefore top: Asana Rebel instead of an expensive yoga studio. With the large selection of workouts, there is something for every yogi. In the free version there is a new alternating workout and a 5-minute workout every day.
  • Download:asanarebel.com/de
  • Adidas Training by Runtastic

    Just running is not enough. That's what the developers of Adidas Training by Runtastic thought. The app offers a mix of strength and endurance exercises. Even yoga is included. The app puts together a personal training plan for the user.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Target group: People who want to train strength and endurance in an uncomplicated way. Runners who want to expand their training with strength exercises.
  • Costs: The basic version is free. Premium membership costs 9.99 euros per month.
  • Therefore top: Adidas Training by Runtastic offers five different training plans and the option to target specific muscle groups.
  • Download:runtastic.com/de
  • PumaTrac

    Who needs the gym when they have PumaTrac on their smartphone or tablet? The app offers a selection of different workouts, from Pilates to dancing to low impact. The units are guided by experienced fitness trainers. The selection of workouts is based on the specified fitness goals and training level.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Target group: Individuals who want to bring home gym classes.
  • Costs: PumaTrac is free.
  • Therefore top: Instead of just a certain type of training, you will find a large selection of workouts from different areas at PumaTrac. For the extra portion of motivation, you can collect TracScores for each successfully completed training unit and compete with the community.
  • Download:pumatrac.puma.com
  • Weight reduction

    Fitness apps can not only help you build muscle, but also help you lose fat. Apps like MyfitnessPal and Noom help you lose weight or help you change your diet.


    With MyFitnessPal you get a free app for counting calories on board your smartphone. With over 11 million foods in the database, an integrated barcode scanner and a fitness community, the app helps you shed the excess pounds.

    The app puts together healthy dishes for the user according to their taste and motivates them to complete their training units. Long-term diagrams record the training progress and encourage the athlete to perform at their best. With these functions, calorie consumption and fitness success can be measured very easily.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Costs: The basic version is free. A premium version is available for 9.99 euros a month.
  • Target group: People who want to get a better overview of their eating behavior with the help of a calorie counter and who want to use it to lose weight.
  • Therefore top: With the MyFitnessPal app, you can adapt your diet and training units to your individual fitness level without having to go hungry.
  • Download:myfitnesspal.de
  • Naom

    The topic of behavior change is the focus of the nutrition app Noom. It aims to combine a personal trainer, health coach and nutritionist in one app. A personalized nutrition and training plan is created for each user and food is rated using traffic light colors.

  • Available: Android and iOS
  • Costs: Noom offers different subscription models, the 1-month subscription with a 14-day test phase is available for 49 euros.
  • Target group: People who are interested in long-term diet and behavior change.
  • Therefore top: Change of diet instead of strict calorie counting. Noom offers a lot of background information on nutrition and does not prohibit any food. If you have any questions about fitness and nutrition, a personal health coach is available to assist you.
  • Download:noom.com/de
  • "App" now get fitter

    Whether yoga, a change in diet or running training - the goal of every sports app should be your fitness success. Our recommendation: Test different apps and enrich your training.

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