Is promethium a solid liquid or a gas

Isotope tradeObtaining H-3, Pm-147 and other radioisotopes

RC TRITEC AG works closely with the world's leading isotope suppliers. You can obtain a large number of different radioactive isotopes from us. The following isotopes are usually available from stock:

Beta-emitting radioisotopes

isotopeTritium H-3Carbon C-14Promethium Pm-147Thallium Tl-204
Chemical formgasBaCO3
Pm oxide
Pm chloride
Nitrate solution Tl (NO3)3
Type of radiationβ- (100%)β- (100%)β- (100%)β- (100%)
Maximum keV
Average keV




Half-life12.35 y5760 y2.6 y3.78 y
Chem. Purity>98%>99%on demandon demand
Specific activity2.57 Ci / ml> 56 mCi / mmol500-700 Ci / g (oxide)up to 30 Ci / g

Other other isotopes are available on request.

Tritium (H-3) gas

Chemical form:
H-3 gas, carrier-free, usually in 99% pure form
Smaller amounts of 1-20 Ci in breakable Pyrex ampoules
Quantities of 10 Ci and higher are adsorbed and delivered on a rentable uranium bed. (Can only be delivered with an end user agreement)

Carbon-14 (C-14)

Chemical form:
BaCO3 (solid)> 56 mCi / mmol; 281 mCi / g
14-CO2 Gas adsorbed on a stainless steel trap with a specific activity of 57 mCi / mmol
Loading and unloading (typically 1Ci / trap can be done directly with our C-14 handling system.

Promethium-147 (Pm-147)

Chemical forms:
Pm2O3 (Oxide) solid, 500-700 Ci / g
Pm chloride solution in HCl (liquid), 0.1 - 10 Ci / ml

Other isotopes

If you are looking for other isotopes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you in your search for your isotope.